Hottest 2020 Marketing And Branding Trends In The Fashion Industry

In the present world of business, it is just not possible to start an enterprise without prior knowledge of the marketing and branding trends in the industry. With that being said, the fashion industry is no different. With the rise in technology day by day, and the business industry shifting towards retail and e-commerce, it is imperative to take enormous advantage of every marketing and branding tool in order to penetrate the fashion industry and gain a more extensive reach of the audience. You cannot simply expect customers to buy your apparel when there are a number of fashion brands existing in the market for several years. It is, therefore, imperative not only to emphasize on the quality of the product but also finding the right strategy to market your products in the crowd. 

Before we talk about the latest marketing and branding trends in the fashion industry, let us first see what branding and marketing is, and how they differ from each other.

Branding Vs Marketing

Both marketing and branding are used to enrich and foster awareness of a brand or the services it offers. Although both marketing and branding refer to different things, but they are interconnected in one way or the other. Your brand has to endorse your marketing, and likewise, your marketing should be promoting your brand. Hence, one cannot exist without the other, and this is the reason we often blur the lines between the two. The fact that a substantial overlap always exists between marketing and branding, it is hard to determine which one of these comes first.

To simplify this further, let us try to understand each of them individually.

What exactly is Branding?

Branding can be considered more of a strategic decision. Branding is to a brand or company, just as personality is to a person. Brand is how you are identified in the crowd or what distinguishes you from the rest. It includes everything from the name, the modern custom logo design of your brand to the slogan, and unique features that reflect the overall idea of your brand. It depicts everything a company does, whether it is about the customer service or the business development and sales.

It is to keep in mind that if you are not able to identify yourself or define what your brand is, then there is no chance of the customers identifying you. In order to build brand loyalty and brand affinity, which in turn will give your sales a boost, it is crucial to carefully choose your brand name, the best logo design, and everything that will eventually identify you in the market.

What is Marketing?

Marketing, on the contrary, is more of a tactical process, which includes the allocation of resources required to promote the brand and the services it offers. For instance, TV is one medium of advertising your brand in public. Similarly, the use of billboards, social media platforms, and magazines (print media) are all different marketing mediums that help in promoting the company. The specifics of a brand should determine what channels are to be chosen for its marketing. If your target audience is more likely to respond to you on social media, then market your brand by using social media platforms instead of distributing flyers on the street.

In a nutshell, marketing is the process of communicating everything about your brand to the target audience, from the vision to the core values of your company. Thus, an effective marketing campaign will find the right customers first, and then tell them what your company can provide as services and how these offered, services are better than your competitors out there.

Branding and Marketing Trends in Fashion to Follow in 2020

Branding and marketing, by definition, might seem easy and straightforward, but when it comes to execution, then you realize how challenging of a job it actually is. With so many fashion brands making their way in the industry, it becomes an even more challenging job to market your product as the best one out there. It will, of course, take time, expertise, and strategy to create a brand that looks as polished and professional as the designs it is representing. However, by being gnostic about the branding and marketing trends in the fashion industry, one can surely get ahead of the game.

Here are the top three branding trends in fashion that will prepare you for 2020:

  1. Come up with an eye-catchy yet relevant logo design.
  2. Don’t forget about the website!
  3. Understand the power of social media.

Creating an Iconic Logo Design

You have to recognize the imperative need to come up with a creative logo design that not only explains the thoughts and ideas behind your fashion brand but also distinguishes you from other fashion brands in the market.

Start by thinking about what your brand is and what are the designs that you will offer for all the fashion enthusiasts out there. There are no ifs ands or buts about it that there will be something, from the designs to the fabrics and material, that makes you one of a kind. A logo design is best created when you are aware of your brand’s ideology.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is your brand’s ultimate goal?
  2. What designs are you planning to offer, and what age group would you be focusing on?
  3. What makes your brand unparalleled and unique from the rest?

Now, the reason why one has to keep all these questions in mind while creating a professional logo design is that the logo is your identity and it should reflect your brand as a whole. The best logo design should be able to represent the fashion brand with a very tight focus, which not only looks fashionable and alluring to the eye but also conveys the brand message in the most effective ways.

The fact that the logo design process is daunting, many elements should be taken into account while finalizing it. Some of these factors include:

  • Logo Type: Do not forget to choose the right logotype that goes well with the fashion industry for your logo design. Not every logotype is relevant to every industry; thus, do thorough research and make sure to come up with a type that best suits your business.
  • The Logo Design Color: Understanding the color psychology is another essential thing in a top logo design as different colors reflect different ideas. Choose a color that is more likely to get you to the top. For example, the Pantone Color of the Year for 2020 is Classic Blue, and choosing this color would be a smart choice.
  • Choosing the right typography: If you think, your logo design alone can effectively explain your brand, then great, but keep in mind that a rich text will add more value to your logo design by making the message clearer and stronger.
  • Logo Shape: Do not just go with a shape that is easy to design or simply because you like it. Remember that just like color and type, various shapes of a logo design can have different emotional connotations attached to them. Choose a logo shape that not only adds an aesthetic appeal to the logo design but also is perceived and understood positively.

Do You Have a Website Ready For Your Brand?

Once you are done with creating a unique logo design for your brand, the next step is to focus on how your brand will look online. A successful brand is not just about having a professional logo design and the right name, but there are other building blocks one has to work on. You might have noticed that all the successful fashion brands today have eye catching logo designs but they also maintain their websites on a daily basis, whether it is Gucci or Channel, Huda Beauty or Kylie Cosmetics, they all work on consistency. Besides, if in any way, you think that maintaining your website will cost you a lot then remember there are hundreds of design companies you can find online offering you affordable and best custom web design services at the most budget-friendly rates. After all, we live in a digital world where 80 percent of the shopping has become online, so there is no way you should miss out on this opportunity to target this market and let thousands of customers walk away from your brand, creating a wrong impression overall.

While working on the website of your brand, also make sure to get a professional and top logo designer for it. The logo that looks great on a printed-paper and business card will not exactly look the same on the web page. There are different dimensions and sizes to be considered, so make sure to choose the best logo design company that already knows about this. A few online logo design companies offer services at economical rates.

Start with a simple yet user-friendly website for the fashion brand and then extend the content by coming up with fashion blogs, that will undoubtedly give your fashion business a boost!

The Power of Social Media

The use of social media networking is one of the most successful marketing tools one can use in this technological-savvy world to give your fashion exposure a boost. Leveraging online marketing solutions, mainly social media platforms, tends to increase the public awareness and brand loyalty in no time.

The one thing you must have when creating a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page is an iconic logo design that not only looks alluring on the screen right on the first encounter of viewers but also gives a decent idea of what your brand is all about.

Even if you are using Google AdWords to post ads to frequent searches so that more and more people find about you, there is a need of a professional logo design that never goes unnoticed while they are scrolling down their feed. The best part about social media is that it is entirely free to make as many accounts as you can on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and other such platforms. All you need to do is look for an expert to fabricate your professional and creative fashion logo design and you are all set to enter 2020 and spread the word in tout de suite!

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