Growing Market For Reselling PGP Encrypted BlackBerry Devices

In 2018, cyber security, already a growing concern across arrange of different industries, is something even regular citizens are increasingly aware of. We are learning more every day about the dangers we open ourselves up to every time we use even basic online applications like email, and with regular headlines about data breaches, hacking and corporate espionage, more people than ever understand that hacking affects us all.

Encryption is an increasingly popular solution for many businesses and organizations that want to guarantee sensitive information is kept confidential. Encryption is one of the safest ways to secure end-to-end communications, but in order to be effective, t requires the right tools and software: namely, BlackBerry devices whose functions have been restricted to the sending and receiving of email, and PGP encryption software.

With a number of software providers available, there is a steadily growing market for resellers of PGP Encrypted BlackBerry devices. Resellers are an important link between local customers and the companies actually providing the encryption, and play a vital role in bringing together clients who need encrypted phones (or want to have their own phones adapted for encryption), and providers like Canada’s Myntex, which provide the expertise and deliver the usable software that will actually provide encryption.

If you want to learn about the latest BlackBerry encryption technology and what you should keep in mind as you start looking for a PGP BlackBerry Encryption provider, here are a couple of points to help you get started with your research.

Customer Support Is Non-Negotiable

As the vital link between customer and software provider, you need to be confident in your ability to answer customers’ questions, and you need to know that you can help them with any problems that might arise. So it’s important that any PGP encryption provider you work with has a responsive and accessible support team.

Support should cover everything from details of actually setting up the software to live support should anything go wrong. And if there are issues down the line with lost devices, you need to know that your provider can remotely wipe the device and provide a transfer of the SIM.

Transparency Is Important

 The world of encryption is often seen as shadowy and deeply secretive. Many operators prefer to keep a low profile and provide minimal information about their businesses. It is best, however, to partner with a company that has a proven commitment to transparency and can provide solid and reliable information about where they are based, how they operate, and who is behind their encryption technology. A good encryption provider should have nothing to hide, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and try to get an understanding for how they see the encryption industry and the service they offer.

With the new year getting started, it’s only a matter of time before 2018 yields its own series of hacking scandals. But by becoming a PGP encrypted BlackBerry reseller, you can help your customers keep their information secure and expand your own business at the same time.

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