Fashion Event Organization Essentials

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If you like to think creatively, find venues and organize different events, then you might as well be interested in organizing a fashion event. This might be even more interesting than you’re used to, especially because it’s not an event that you get to organize very often, and secondly, it can definitely shift you into the world of Naomi Campbell and Giselle Bündchen. However, organizing a fashion event is somewhat different, and there are some things that you might need to pay attention to a bit more than while organizing a regular party. What are the things to have in mind and how to make your fashion event successful?

Create buzz

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The most important thing is obviously to create a certain buzz. You can easily do this with the help of social media. Make sure that you book a very good graphic designer who will create killer posters for the actual event and place them on different social networks. However, bear in mind that creating buzz and advertising on social media is not the same thing. The buzz should not reveal anything at first, but you should actually be completely cryptic and mysterious and make people interested in what you actually are. Choose, for example, one keyword that you will place on all of the posters and encourage the use of the same hashtag for Instagram and Twitter. Make people talk about your event and guess what it is. Once you realize that buzz has been created, you can reveal all the necessary information about your event.

Invite all the influencers

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Next up, you should ask for help from all of the influencers that you can find. Ask them to join your campaign and advertise it. This is how your event will reach more people, and you want this to be your main goal. Moreover, invite them to join the event as either models or VIP guests because your fashion event might do extremely well with their help. Having a red carpet is a must-have item for any event, and add a wall with all of your sponsors in front of which your VIP guests can take a photo and post it online.

Invest in experience

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Bear in mind that a fashion event is so much more than a runway and plenty of neon lights. The whole fashion event experience should also include the pre- and post-event activities, such as different gatherings, small parties, wine tastings and afterparties. New York City is the city where most of the fashion events take place, and if there’s anything that we’ve learned from this metropolis, it is that the services of the best companies that do catering in NYC are must-haves for every fashion show. This means that if you’re from NYC, choose the best catering company, and if you’re from a different city or country, we are sure you’ll be able to find a catering company that can provide you with the tastiest finger food in every guest will enjoy.

Create a great atmosphere

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Finally, you have to invest quite some time and money into creating the atmosphere that every single guest will enjoy. Apart from having a very good and spacious backstage and runway, you should also invest in the lighting and the music. Remember that the lighting is the most important thing that you have to deal with as it can make or break your show. You don’t want it to be too light nor too dark. If you want to follow the trends, introduce neon lights just like Prada did in 2018 as these colors are huge at the moment. Also, they look extremely good on stage and are quite photogenic. Finally, think about the music. Think about the genre of music that you want to use and the type of atmosphere that you want to create (pop, retro, melancholic… the choices are endless).


Even though there is a number of other important things that you need to take care of when organizing a fashion show, these are the 4 most important ones. Also, choose your venue wisely, pass out invitations and start planning the afterparty!

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