Factors to Consider While Starting Mobile App Development

According to a report on Statista, users spend 77% of their digital time using the top 3 mobile applications of their choice.

Which means, if you are running a business and have a digital presence in the form of a mobile application, you have 23% more chances to reach out to your customers than your counterfeits with an offline business.

By 2020, the “mobile application development” is going to be one of the top keywords in the search engine results. So, do you need to worry if you still have an offline business or a business with a website? Probably not! As long as you are willing to adopt this trend of digitization. After all, the very first lesson of business is to invest in the future of your vision.

Today, your customers would not take you any seriously if your brand does not appear in the search engine result or is talked about on the Internet. So, it’s you who have to take the first step to attract your customers in your venture.

Want to get a mobile app developed? Here are the important factors to consider while initiating your mobile app development process:

The objective of your Mobile Application

Every business has a unique selling point that makes it stand out and stand tall when compared to its competitors. Your mobile application should resonate with your business’ objective and that should be apparent to your customers. Ensure that your USP speaks for itself with its thoughtful placement in the mobile application. Research on what category does your mobile application fall in with its objective for better App store optimization. If you are a novice in this field it’s always a smart choice to check out a mobile app development company to help you.

Know your Target Users

Ultimately, it narrows down to whose needs you are catering to – your targeted audience! With your analytical tools or sales data, carry out a research and find out the behavioral pattern that is the most common one. Know your users in terms of gender, age, occupation, demographics, and have your mobile application’s UI and UX designed accordingly. This is one of the ways to reflect your customer’s personality through your business and keep them engaged to your platform.


Officially speaking, the mobile applications developed using Kotlin are getting more attention. Similarly, there are other technical aspects to watch out for that are going to be the future. Have these incorporated to make your mobile app sustainable in the long run. Moreover, have a clear picture of whether you want to build your mobile app in Hybrid or Native before starting with it keeping in mind the future updates.

Know the ways to monetize your Mobile App

You already have your revenue model in place but an extra revenue doesn’t hurt, does it? The best thing about a mobile application is it opens a wide-ranging stream of revenue models to complement your business. If you are planning to go feature-rich, you can incorporate a subscription-based revenue model. In contrary to this, if have a real product, you can go for an ad-based revenue model. Plan your revenue model as per the functionality of your mobile app.


Your mobile app may be a mobile app for now, but it does have myriads of devices to work for. While starting with building a mobile application, take into consideration its working on various platforms and devices. No matter what size of the device, your application should be capable to fit the size and provide the same customer experience as it does on the normal-sized device. The expert mobile app developers would consider battery life, RAM used, and the CPU power processing. If you run out of testing time, a quick and a cost-effective way to check compatibility is to crowd-source your testing.

Customer-first Approach

All the pain that you are taking in your business venture is for your customers so make your mobile app worth it. Ensure that your mobile application is easy to use and enhances the customer experience. Leverage engaging content to educate and create awareness about your business offering rather than making it look like a sales pitch.


With the launch of GDPR in EU, its impact cannot be ruled over in other parts of the world. Considering the endeavors that you put in the building of a mobile application, ensure that it meets all the authorization policies and the standards set by the government for securing the data of customers.

Key Takeaway

Mobile app development is more about empowering your customers with a quick access to the solution for their problems. This is how you empower your business. Moreover, the cost of mobile app development is not as much when compared to the distinguished revenue stream possibilities that you get with in-app purchases, subscription plans, advertisements, and of course your business’ revenue model.

Ultimately, it is about getting to know your users with their preferences using the data extracted from their app usage and offering them personalization. A mobile app has the potential to generate demand and you can make your sales according to the need. That’s what a successful business is all about!

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Shahid Mansuri

Shahid Mansuri Co-founded Peerbits & Yelowsoft, one of the leading mobile application development company USA, in 2011. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base on “how to build a mobile app” with leaned concentration.

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