Excellent Solutions That Help With Environmental Remediation

Contaminated sites can pose a major problem for companies, because of the risks that they can present to physical safety and for the potential damages that they can cause to the environment. If a company is facing a site that is officially declared as contaminated, they can look for effective chemical solutions to remediate the environment and make the area secure.

The field of environmental remediation focuses on the removal of pollution and harmful contamination in different outdoor areas like groundwater and soil. Specific techniques and chemical solutions are used to react to contaminated areas, to help them meet safety standards and to protect the environment. The purpose of this field is often confused with the aspirations of green chemistry, which is the creation of safer and more sustainable alternatives to chemical products currently being used. Green chemistry is the production and promotion of materials that are designed to be less harmful to the environment, whereas environmental remediation works to fix environmental harms that have already happened.

When companies need to find a source for high-quality materials for environmental remediation, they can turn to a leading chemical supplier to get everything that they need. The company CCC Chemicals is one of the largest independent chemical distributors in Canada and the tenth largest in all of North America — they are a market leader with over five thousand products that serve a range of important sectors like construction, coatings, industrial, energy, mining and water treatment. The dedicated supplier carries a variety of chemical products for soil and groundwater remediation in their comprehensive portfolio. If you browse through that collective chemical supply, you will find products that are designed to help with a variety of issues, like:

  • Adsorption
  • Bioaugmentation
  • Surfactant
  • Stabilization
  • Metal Remediation

The company sources many of these products for environmental remediation from Regenesis Environmental Technologies, which is a world-renowned company that conducts intensive research and provides technology-based solutions for contaminated sites. They have over twenty years of experience in the field, specializing in remediation for groundwater and soil. CCC Chemicals carries their exceptional solution Plumestop designed for groundwater bioremediation — it is liquid activated carbon used to meet site difficulties and obstacles like end-point uncertainty and excessive time. For any site that requires the contaminant reduction to happen within the span of days, this product can accelerate the process. The chemical was recently proven as highly-effective when it was used to accomplish the site goals at a Santa Barbara manufacturing facility that had previously undergone unsuccessful remediation efforts. Plumestop, Hydrogen Release Compound, and Bio-Dechlor Inoculum Plus were all used on the site, which led to the site objectives being met in only two months.

If a company needs chemical solutions in order to practice environmental remediation on a site, they should turn to a top-rated supplier. They offer a diverse range of products sourced from distributors that are trailblazers of innovation and influential leaders in their field. They also have a team of experts committed to outstanding customer service, so that companies can meet their official goals and deadlines without going over-budget.

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