Different Types of Front Door Locks

Your front door is the main point of entry to your home. You want to make sure that is as secure as possible. While you can have an alarm system and video surveillance, those safeguards will not keep people from opening your door in the first place. Take the time to understand what types of front door locks are available, allowing you to choose the best alternative that will give you peace of mind. 

Knob Locks are the Most Common Alternative 

While knob locks are typically used when it comes to front and back doors on homes. However, the lock cylinder that is responsible for blocking entrance without a key is not the most secure type of lock. The cylinder is located inside the knob. It can be damaged in order to allow access. When using this type of lock, it is important to have a backup that provides additional security. 

Lever handle Locks Provide Easier Access for Homeowners 

Lever handle locks are another option that is similar to a knob lock in that the lock cylinder is contained in the handle. However, homeowners simply have to push down on the handle rather than grasp and turn a knob. This alternative may be more practical for anyone who has difficulty using their hands. An additional lock should be included to increase security. 

A Deadbolt Offers More Protection 

While knob locks and lever handle locks provide a first line of defence against intruders, a deadbolt should be included as well to beef up security. A deadbolt requires the use of a key to open on the outside. Hover, the beauty of it is the use of a thumb-turn on the inside. It will make it more difficult for anyone attempting to violate your property. 

Keyless Entry Can Supplement a Knob with a Key 

In addition to deadbolts, you can also go with the option of a keyless entry. An electronic key pad is installed that requires a code for entrance. If for some reason the electronic pad does not work, a key can be used in the door knob to gain access. 

Choose the Right Lock System for Your Home with Expert Help 

While there are many different types of locks that can be used to secure your front door, you should consider all of your options before making an investment. Contact your North York Locksmith for an expert’s opinion. Whether you are installing a front door lock for the first time or you are replacing your existing locks, your locksmith can assess your current system to look for ways that you can improve the security for your home. Discuss all of your options and get help from a professional to select your locks and install them properly. Your front door locks are extremely important. They are an investment that you want to last. Taking advantage of the help of a locksmith can ensure your investment will be worth every cent as you find the front door lock system that has your vote of confidence.

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