Creating Instagram Ads That Convert

Ever since Instagram has come into being, it has managed to engage the users with its fun features and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that advertising the business products and services can be pretty rewarding. The Instagram stories are designed to support multiple video and photo ad formats. The best thing about these stories is that they are engaging (maybe because they are small) that manages to capture the user’s attention precisely. 

There are many people who think that they don’t need to pay for the paid ads because the stories are free to make and use. However, the stories will be visible to the only people that are following you. So, if you are looking to increase your user base, you might need to opt for the paid stories ads because they will help you reach those who aren’t yet following you. These ads are played between the stories and the brand that has put up the ad. 

So, if you want to make sure that your brand voice is reaching a wide audience base, you need to use the Instagram stories ads because they tend to be highly beneficial. So, Buy Instagram Followers from smmpoint  The prime aim behind the stories ads is maximizing the reach and increasing the brand awareness. All these factors will pose beneficial results for you and you will be able to increase the sales funnel. In this article, we are sharing some tips that will help you create the ads that pose a higher conversion rate. Have a look! 

Always Prefer Quality

Whenever you are trying to create the story ads that ought to help you expand the follower base, you need to consider using the high-quality pictures and videos. This is important because the Instagram stories are designed to be visual, and in that sense, the blurry images and slowing down videos aren’t going to do you any good. 

As a follower, people tend to watch only a few seconds of the ads and you need to ensure that you have captured their attention. While designing the Instagram stories, you need to opt for 1080 x 1920 pixels because this resolution ensures the clear image of the content, leading to higher engagement. 


This might be the standard of creating the leads and conversion rate but you have to add the call-to-action statements to your ads. This is because the targeted follower base will only give you a few seconds to captivate their attention and if you want to convert them into buyers and followers, you need to add the call-to-action statements. 

The businesses usually use the call-to-action statements like, swipe up to shop or learn more in the stories. However, there are no rules of thumb in this niche and you can design the call-to-action statement that complies with your brand and overall goals. 

Steer Clear

You might think that putting up the complicated ads and pictures will grasp the attention of the users but you are wrong there. If people aren’t able to understand the main objective behind your pictures and videos in the stories ad, they won’t even look at it twice. So, make sure that whichever picture and videos you are using, you need to be precise.

In other words, the ads need to be self-explanatory and it needs to direct the main message in the most efficient manner. The videos need to sell themselves; however, if you are using the photos, you can add the caption as well, so it helps the viewers understand the meaning. For instance, if you have hosted a sale, just add the word sale in your stories because it is pretty much self-explanatory, right?

Polls & Questions

Whenever you want to engage your followers (even the potential ones), you need to make them talk and start a conversation. While you are trying to achieve that from the stories, you can always captivate their attention by asking questions or hosting polls in the stories. gain likes on instagram, When it comes down to the polls, the followers can only select one option. 

In contrast, the questions will help people make a conversation and reply extensively. Also, if you are using the polls, you should always post the results to tell everyone that people engage with you. This activity will act as a driving force for people who don’t yet engage on the stories! 

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