Cannabis Strain: Hidden Facts You Must Know In 2021

The popularity of cannabis in the U.S is still on the rise and shows no sign of slowing down, especially among adults. A recent study revealed that though its use has reduced among teens, more adults in America continue to use cannabis each day.

The increasing demand means a significant boom for the industry, creating a myriad of products like those here, and this is in part due to the many benefits it offers users. Today, various scientific researchers have backed the effectiveness of cannabis in addressing several health conditions such as epilepsy, pain, and anxiety.

However, one peculiar thing about medical and recreational cannabis is that all strains are not the same. Different species and varieties of the same plant produce different effects and benefits. Hence, you can use them for different purposes. Some are CBD-rich, and others abound in THC.

The wide array of strains can make it challenging to choose one. So if cannabis is legal at your location, here is all you need to know about its strains.


What is a Cannabis Strain

Cannabaceae is the family of plants where all of the cannabis strains originate. There are varying opinions on Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. While certain experts consider them two main subspecies, others think them to be two entirely different species.

Expert cannabis cultivators produce strains by selecting different straits that result in the effects they desire. The process is similar to the genetic engineering used to create different dog breeds with certain characteristics.

Generally, the industry categorizes cannabis strains into India, hybrid, and Sativa. Hybrid is any strain obtained by combining strains of Sativa and Indica. According to the experts, they are over 700 cannabis strains. In case you are wondering, the main distinctive property of each of these strains is their THC or CBD content. It’s impossible to determine the CBD or THC composition of a cannabis strain from physical attributes like height and appearance.

Generally, manufacturers used CBD-rich strains containing little or no THC for products like CBD oil, travel-ready CBD capsules, CBD vape oil, etc. But how do users determine which cannabis strain to use?

Choosing The Right Strain

To choose the right cannabis, you’ll first need to know the effects you desire. Cannabis provides different therapeutic benefits. However, some strains are more effective for treating some conditions than others.

Therefore, you can only hope to derive the maximum benefits after researching to identify your condition’s perfect strain. Likewise, you’ll need the right strain for recreational use because they also differ in the level of ‘high’ they provide. On the other hand, you also need to know the potential negative effects.

Some of the common strains listed below have dizziness or dry mouth as their side effects.


Types of Cannabis Strains

1.   Pineapple Express

This cannabis strain becomes popular in 2008 due to an eponymous movie. It has a pineapple-like aroma and offers relaxing effects. The Pineapple express can also help lift your mood with a dose of energetic buzz to go with it.

2.   Blue Dream

As the name suggests, this strain is highly effective for soothing and relaxing users. However, this doesn’t make the Blue Dream the perfect sedative. Instead, it’s best used for relieving pain, inflammation, or cramps for better sleep.

3.   Acapulco Gold

The Acapulco Gold originated from Acapulco in Mexico. It is among some of the most acclaimed strains of cannabis due to its energizing and euphoria-inducing properties. Acapulco Gold can also reduce stress, nausea, and fatigue.

4.   Purple Kush

Purple Kush is ideal for those looking to enter a state of bliss where they can relax, sleep, or experience euphoria. Usually, people use it to reduce muscle spasms and relieve pain. It’s also suitable for insomnia.

5.   Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is among some of the most soothing and sleep-inducing cannabis strains you can buy. If you’re looking for something to help manage insomnia, this strain can help you get some quality sleep time. You can also use it to relieve stress.

6.   Northern Lights

Northern Light also offers a solution for sleepless nights by helping induce deep relaxation. Users also trust it to help lift their mood, suppress pain, and reduce stress. You can also give it a try against depression.

7.   Golden Goat

Golden Goat is one of the main strains you should consider when you want to find something that helps you get into a creative or euphoric state. This strain can boost your energy, reduce fatigue and improve your mood.

8.   LA Confidential

Yet another sleep-inducing and relaxing strain, the LA Confidential, is usually used by individuals dealing with insomnia. It helps calm the nerves and set the tone for a good night’s sleep. Apart from this, it’s also remarkably effective as an anti-inflammatory agent. Those dealing with chronic pain also find relief with the LA Confidential.

9.   White Widow

You can use the White Widow to get over a bad mood and lift your energy levels. At the same time, you will experience significant relaxation. People dealing with stress, fatigue, and pain also find it helpful.

10.   Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is also one of the rather relaxing strains out there. Some of the results that make this strain popular are its stress-reducing and insomnia-reducing effects. You can also use it to boost appetite and increase hunger.


Other well-known strains include:

  • Sour Diesel
  • Afghan Kush
  • Maui Wowie
  • Super Silver Haze
  • Fruity Pebbles


Cannabis has never been so readily available for purchase as it is in 2021. However, you need to know all the relevant information concerning the differences in strains and their recreational or medical benefits. Only then can you hope to make an informed decision and purchase the right strain for yourself.

Learning about how a particular strain will affect you can also help you choose the right product, whether it’s a CBD or THC product. Always choose quality over quantity and purchase cannabis products from trusted sources only. Finally, you also try growing or cross-breeding different strains to obtain different CBD, THC levels.


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