Buying outdoor furniture for the first time? Chuck these mistakes!

Outdoor Furniture

Buying the first outdoor furniture is absolutely exciting. It is actually a very enticing feeling to adorn your outdoor space with some exquisite (not necessarily extravagant) furniture to add life to this place. But beware! Don’t fall prey to buying furniture that would end up being a waste of money and material. Apart from it, you should definitely be aware and have the basic knowledge of what would suit your outdoors the best.

Do your best to avoid these mistakes when buying outdoor furniture


Probably the biggest mistake you commit when selecting outdoor furniture is getting it from an unreliable source. Remember, the store that you pick your furniture from should be reliable. If you don’t verify them before picking your furniture, you may end up taking home either damaged items or ones that won’t last long. Like, imagine selecting an unreliable furniture store and getting duped in the name of cheap sofas in Auckland, Luxe Living (on the other hand) provides you with some classy pieces that are best for your interiors and exteriors and definitely the best in quality that shall pass the test of time. Apart from this, avoid some more drastic mistakes while buying the best range of outdoor furniture for your home:


  • Never go for cheaper options — If you judge furniture only by their price tag, then you are actually committing a very big mistake. Remember, when it comes to outdoor furniture, the cheaper options may prove very expensive in the coming years to you. Your outdoor furniture is more prone to weather damages and exterior factors like rain, snow, and even dust and dirt – naturally, these get worn out early if the material is not compatible. The right material and a sturdy build are necessary.


  • Too thin chair legs are a nuisance on a deck — Are you impressed with those skinny legs of metal chairs? Well, we understand that you like it chic, but if you are choosing these for your deck, then think again. Because these skinny legs often create problems when they come in contact with the gaps on the wooden panels in a deck or the uneven earth in your garden. We suggest going for sturdy chairs that won’t wobble as you relax on them.


  •  Some materials that aren’t suitable for this space — When it comes to choosing outdoor furniture, be double sure of the material that you are selecting for this area. Because some materials like stainless steel can be excellent aesthetically and price wise, but it gets heated very fast during the day. Aluminium is an excellent substitute in this case. Similarly, using timber like oak, teak, eucalyptus can be excellent for outer space and if you’re polishing them well, they will resist the moisture attack as well. Wicker and bamboo are in vogue in this aspect. So, discuss the material carefully with your furniture provider or your designer and then seal the deal.


Even after bringing the right furniture home, you have to show it some love. For example — if there is a forecast about rains, you have to plan ahead for your furniture. You can either bring them all inside or add a shed or cover the stuff. Similarly, it is always wise to keep these away from the line of fire. We just wish that you have a safe and splendid outdoor space to relax and unwind – a necessity in this post pandemic world when we all are mostly within the perimeters of our home most of the time.

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