Are Light Up Shoes Trashy?

The light up shoes were once a kids delight in the 90’s, if you were around in the 90’s you would remember seeing a bunch of kids walking around in a pair of shoes that displays tiny blinking lights, excitedly. If there is one thing you should have learnt from fashion by now is the fact that it comes back after a while, so it is safe to say the 90’s are back.

One of the main changes made to the light up shoes is that, it is not just for kids only. It has been modified in such a way that any age bracket can wear it, which is good news for 90’s children who really missed the trend. This new shoe trend can make you the centre of attention in any party and can jazz up your outfit.

Although it has been modified for adult use, most people still cling to the opinion that it is trashy, because they believe once a kid trend is always a kid trend. But others do not subscribe to this believe.

Why Light up shoes are trashy:

1. It was once for kids

When the light up shoes were first introduced in the 90’s, they were made only for kids, sure they had a reason for doing that. Now that the shoes are being made for adults, it looks more like trying out a childhood fantasy which does not look cool.

It’s just like seeing your mom and your dad wearing leather jackets and going clubbing looks really trashy.

2. Does not look responsible

As an adult, you are expected to always look responsible when you dress and wearing a shoe that spits out light does not really speak responsibly.

3. Not Economical

During the 90’s, parents bought these shoes for their kids just for their childish delight not necessarily because it is durable or would last them a while. The lights in the shoes are bound to go bad at a point in time especially when they are not well taken care of.

As an adult you should know better than investing in a pair of shoes that are not necessarily going to make it to the list of durable shoes, it is a trashy idea.

Why Light up shoes are not trashy

1. Victoria Beckham wore them

With this reason, it is safe to say there is no argument here. Victoria Beckham is not only an amazing designer but a style icon, who cannot afford to be caught wearing trashy. So if she can be spotted rocking a pair of light up shoes, it cannot be trashy but instead, it is a must-have.

Asides Victoria Beckham so many other celebrities like Ellie Goulding, Lily Allen, Joe Jonas, etc have been caught in the shoes, if they are considered as trashy, then trashy is the new cool.

2. Show off your moves at a party

Yes! It is not responsible to wear your light up sneakers to the office, but that does not mean you cannot rock a party afterward. When you show off your dance skills at a party, your shoes would catch the attention of everyone at the party.

3. Great for night walks

Going for walk at night is a little safer with your light up shoes because the lights announces your presence to drivers and stops them from running into you.

4. Makes you stand out

These shoes would always make you stand out at parties, pictures, videos etc. You can now make a statement with the dramatic visual effects of the shoes and transform your look all at once.


Looking at the reasons above, you can decide you can be the judge for yourself but if you decide to own one, trashy or not, you already have so many partners in the trashy crime.

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