Android developer hiring guide: Steps and important details to consider

Whenever a person has a brilliant idea for the appropriate mobile app for the platform of Android, the next task is to hire a skilled developer. But there are several challenges and needs lots of particularities to hire the developers for android. Mtoag provides you the effective solutions and helps in hiring the new developers for the organization.

Roles and responsibilities of android developer

Android developer’s role is to design & create the application of the device that can be run over the operating system of Android. The developer has to be capable to design the developed the compatible app for operating systems of Android with multiple versions. The developer has to be skilled with basics concept & platform particularities. The developer can be a part of the outsourcing team or part of the freelancer.

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Level of Android developer’s skills

Developer’s skills can be divided into three levels that is junior level, intermediate level & senior level.

Junior level implies the developers which are new in the field of developers and don’t have much experience. They are mostly engaged in only the part of development.

The intermediate level implies the developers who have skills to develop and handle the complex activities without depend on the other developers.

Senior-level implies about the developers who are specialist and have experience of +5 years. They seem to be capable to handle the large projects and implement the technical concepts of apps.

Responsibilities of android developer

  1. Building and designing the app

App designing seems to be an important task. Developers can build apps with define their functionalities and evaluate the errors.

  1. Collaboration with the team of cross-functional

Developers have their role and ability to work with the supervisors or expert that can develop a similar project.

  1. Deal with APIs & database

Developers have to be capable to work with external terms like APIs & databases to create the designs. They should have skills to tackle with written codes.

  1. Unit test performance

A developer has to be capable of unit testing during the process of development. Unit testing performed after the development cycle completion to detect the bugs.

  1. Fixing of bugs

Android developers have to be capable to fix the bugs and make the app smooth with eliminating malfunctioning.

  1. Stay updated

There is a necessity to gain the latest skills & learns a newly implemented technology through which high efficient apps have been developed.

Android developer’s type

  1. Freelance developers

Freelancer developer is the best option in which you can cut costs as per your requirements. The development can be controlled by you only and having all rely on responsibilities.

  1. In house developers

In this, there is a chance to create your team which can be lead by you. This seems to be a good option as everything can be controlled by you only. There is a only requirement of the skills that can be used to manage the process.

  1. Outsourced team

You can easily outsource the development of software to other companies which can be located at a global level. In outsourcing, the option is expensive but there is a chance that no one steals your project.

Technical skills of android developer

An android developer has to be effective skills through which they can perform their job effectively & efficiently. For hiring the developers, you have to give attention to below mentioned technical skills.

  1. Java
  2. XML
  3. Android Studio
  4. Android SDK
  5. APIs
  6. Database
  7. Design of materials

Set requirements for android developers

  1. Note down the primary goals

Evaluate the primary goals over the paper and clarify the plans to initiate the project. This will help in understanding the app scale and its look.

  1. Elaborate the future app functionalities

There is a requirement to clarify functionality. Another thing is to specify the appropriate features which you want with the apps. This will help the android developers to see the entire image of the app for the future.

  1. Clarify the major requirements

There is a necessity to clarify all the requirements and which have to be skilled as per the working scope. Android developers have to be done with this part to design the appropriate app.

The main advantage of hiring an android developer

It has been seen that in the present scenario, android development is much important for every organization in order to attain large projects and their successful completion. There are some most common benefits are discussed below which has been provided by the development of the Android app.

  1. Open-source
  2. Minimization in cost
  3. Flexible UI
  4. App distribution freedom

Three steps to hiring a developer for android

Check references of customers

If a company is not a brand company then you can check the ex-customers feedback and understand their negative or positive concerns. Then you will able to select the company which suits you more.

Experience is a primary part

There is a requirement to find an effective and experienced company that has a large portfolio for the implemented websites & apps. Companies experienced also found from GitHub as most companies have their open-source projects.

Add factor to human

Every company hires people, not a robot. So, feel comfortable within the cooperation as a human factor should not be removed. The most important thing is that the communication has to be smooth for working with the company or a freelancer.

Summing up

Now, it seems to be known that what’s the planning to hire android app developers for the mobile app. If you still have some doubts then contact us, we will provide effective solutions as Mtoag have skilled developers for mobile app who can solve the several difficulties and challenges.

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