10 Classic Floor Tile Designs That Never Go Out of Style

10 Classic Floor Tile Designs That Never Go Out of Style

Using tiles for flooring is always a great option, given the variety of patterns and designs you can play around with. If you want classic tile design ideas for your floors, here are ten ideas that always stay in style, no matter what the interior design trend is today.

1. Black and white tile

Black and white floor tiles are a reliable color combination if you don’t know what color scheme to stick to for a room. They are modern, simple, and elegant. 

Together, they create a masculine feel to a room without appearing overly clinical. These colors will always look stylish, and pairing them with other design ideas for the rest of the room is more effortless.

2. Patterned tiles

Speaking of eye-catching, if you genuinely want your flooring to be beautiful, patterned tiles are a bold choice if you want it to serve as a place to stand, withstand foot traffic, and be a place to stand.

Only some people will find patterned tiles a good choice, and that’s understandable. After all, it’s a solid commitment to go with tiles that will catch your eye more than other room parts. However, if you don’t want to invest too much into decorating certain rooms, opting for patterned tiles can help you effortlessly elevate a room.

You can use patterned tiles anywhere. They can take up as much space as you want or have them only in a select room area.

For example, patterned tiles for only the entryways are a stylistic choice that makes you feel welcome even when entering the front door. It also sections off that area visually so that the entryway is separate from the room succeeding or connecting to it.

3. Natural stone

Natural stone tiles are always a strong contender for longevity. In addition to their durability, they have an enduring style that can create a warm atmosphere in a room.

Natural stone tiles are beautiful in parts of the house close to the outdoors. For example, if you have a patio, natural stone tiles can make it a more definite part of the home while being durable enough to withstand the elements.

However, you can also use natural stone tiles inside the house. They provide a sleek and modern look if you use them in your living room area. You can even change the pattern or tile size to create visual interest. For example, you can add a different natural stone pattern to your fireplace to emphasize its place in your living room.

4. Mosaic tile

If you want tile floor designs that are versatile and unique, then mosaic tiles can be your choice.

What’s excellent about mosaic tiles is that, due to their small size, you can create unique and intricate designs that are different from everyone else. Of course, that’s a lot more work to do given the size of the mosaic, but if personal style is something you’re always willing to invest in, then this tile flooring is a great choice.

Although mosaic tiles can create intricate designs, you can keep things subtle and straightforward. One way to do that is by getting a uniquely shaped mosaic tile. There aren’t any other changes, but its shape makes it more appealing.

5. Glossy and white tiles

Rooms that want to give off the feeling of elegance and chic should try using glossy and white tiles. These tiles can make a room look instantly expensive. Plus, the gloss and white coloring of these tiles can make a room look brighter, which is excellent if natural light is hard to come by based on the position of the room.

If you like that, getting glossy white tiles in the living room can give it that sleek and modern appeal. You can also use it in the kitchen for a classy look.

This tile design is excellent for those who are into minimalism but want to create a strong impression.

6. Rustic floor tiles

Some floor tiles have a strong and specific vibe that gives off appeal to a certain kind of aesthetic. Rustic floor tiles, for example, are an excellent choice for rooms that want to be warm, inviting, familiar, and boho.

Other interior design styles that can better showcase the beauty of rustic floor tiles are coastal-styled homes or even French countryside interior design styles. Both styles want an unpretentious and cozy vibe connected to natural elements.

7. Marble tile designs

The natural patterns on marble are one reason why it’s a timeless floor tile design for many. It’s effortlessly elegant, and you can’t get the same pattern for each tile, adding to its unique qualities. 

Marble tile flooring can elevate a simple room into something more sophisticated and refined without much effort. Of course, these marble tiles are more costly than other options, but their irreplaceable regal qualities certainly make them high in demand despite that hefty price tag.

8. Checkerboard floor tile 

One of the most classic designs for tile flooring is the iconic black-and-white checkered pattern, which looks almost like a chessboard.

Floor tiles with a black and white checkered pattern are a classic look that people closely associate with a funky kitchen or any kitchen. However, this kooky pattern doesn’t have only to be tied to the kitchen. Many otherwise usual and standard-looking bathrooms transform into unique places with these black and white tile patterns for their flooring.

Sometimes, all it takes is this checkered flooring pattern to transform any room into a retro vibe. It’s an excellent choice for people who don’t want to think too hard about what the centerpiece should be. The floors themselves are eye-catching enough with this style of tiles.

9. Subway tile

The iconic brick-like pattern of subway tile flooring can create an urban or approachable appeal to any room. It’s great for bathrooms, especially. These usually come in white, but recently, they’ve also started coming in different colors.

It’s an excellent choice for those wanting a consistently minimal look without dulling things.

10. Penny tile

Another exciting tile flooring option with practical use would be penny tiles. These small circular patterns on the floor can create a larger pattern as well, and they can be as detailed and vibrant or as simple and approachable as you want.

What’s excellent about penny tiles is that they give you solid footing, so they’re ideal for places that could be slippery, like in the walk-in shower or the bathroom.


These tile flooring ideas vary from energetic and bold to minimalist and clean looks. Therefore, you should find tile flooring ideas here that suit the vibe you want your room to have. So, if you plan on using tile floors, consider these design ideas that will retain their appeal throughout the years.

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