Why You Should Be Using A Travel Mug All the time?

If you like drinking beverages such as coffee or tea and want to take the same with you on the road or wherever you go, then there’s no better way to do it than purchasing a travel mug and taking it with you. 

Since there is more than one variety of travel mugs available in the market, it should be a wise decision to first read this article guide in its entirety and know the reasons why you should be using such custom travel mugs.

The Basics

A travel mug can be defined as a small or even a medium shaped mug that has the ability to capture heat and keep it for a long time. Such mugs are used to take hot beverages while you’re travelling from one place to another. If you’re someone who is always on your toes and moves like a gypsy from one place to another, then a travel mug will be a nice addition to your travelling gear. 

Nowadays, you can find travel mugs in both plastics as well as stainless steel or metal as well. Of course, plastic-made travel mugs will be the cheapest of the lot and also will be easily available as well. If you plan on buying a plastic travel mug, ensure that the mug has a stainless steel or metal liner, which will help you not feel the warmth of the liquid that’s inside of it.

Other Features

You can choose your travel mug based on your preferences of whether you want a snap-on lid or a screw-on lid. Screw-on lids are better since they will be screwed onto the body of the mug, there are fewer chances of spillage even if it falls from your grip.

Moreover, these travel mugs come in various sizes and volumes as well. In case you only drink a small amount of beverage then a small-sized travel mug around 8 ounces will be a better buy. But, if you’re someone who needs loads of coffee and tea throughout the day, then you need to buy at least 16 or even 20 ounce-rated travel mug.

Always make sure to handwash your travel mugs for the best results, instead of trying to put it inside a dishwasher.

The Merits

There’s no doubt that travel mugs can cater to a whole range of audience, which just shows how versatile they are, just like buying promotional pens for your clients. The following are some of the benefits that you should know:

1. Enjoy Hot Beverages While Travelling

One of the most obvious uses of a travel mug is to use it consume hot beverages on the move, be it while walking or inside of a vehicle. A travel mug is built in such a way that there will be no chances of spilt coffee. 

2. Take Multiple Or Single Serving(s)

Since travel mugs come in a variety of volumes, you can easily choose between taking a size that will only serve you once or twice and a size that will serve you multiple times. This can serve as a way to help you to restrict your beverage intake as well.

3. Can Be Used For Cold Beverages

Travel mugs are mainly used for intaking hot beverages since the heat-insulating function traps the heat and keeps it for a long time. The same can be said if you like drinking cold coffee or tea. 

4. Overall Reusability

You can not only use your travel mug for drinking beverages like tea or coffee but use it to store other types of beverages as well, according to your liking.

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