Things Males Should Look for in a PG

If you are a male and you are going to a new city for studies or your job then you have to look for a space to stay right? You cannot simply stay with your relatives or friends for a long time. They might insist you to stay with them but that would not really be viable or good. It would be really embarrassing.

You know what you can look for paying guest in pune for male with food or in any other place. PG is a good option for you. There are so many pgs to look for when you want one. Whether you have a compact budget or a huge one; you can get one as per your convenience. After all, whatever you want is there for you to take.

Food should be a priority!


If you are a male and you think that you would manage food outside then you are wrong. You know what you don’t know how to cook food and you are going to relying on the market food; it might threaten your life. What is the point if you invite ailments, health issues or simply problems because of daily market food? That would not just harm your health but also hamper your pocket too. It would be good for you to go for a pg that has food provided therein. In this way, you can get the food right on your plate that too without any problem.

Sharing or not?

You know that males certainly have an ego thing. If you think that you are not really comfortable with sharing your room or space with others then you have to look for a pg that has a room with proper facilities. You can come across the PGs that have the availability of solo rooms too. In this way, you would have a room that is independently for you. Moreover, there are also rooms that have attached bathroom and proper facilities. If you can afford it all, you should go for it. After all, when you are in another city and you are earning well, you should work on your staying place too. Once you have a place to stay comfortably, you would end up with the best experience and routine.

Washing facilities?

You know what there a trend of pgs is these days that also provide you washing machine or simply laundry assistance. if you think that it would be challenging for you to wash your clothes or you might end up spoiling your clothes then you can talk to the pgs that have the inbuilt provision of washing and laundry too. In this way, you would not have to be worried about this thing.


Thus, it is not just about boys but about girls too. Girls can also find the best pg for girls in pune or in any area as per their comfort. It is all about the priorities and things that should be there for you.

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