The Magic of Scrapbooking, How To Turn Back Time

I would like to welcome you to my site and to my craft. Before we go further, I would like to give you my honest opinion on this topic. The world recognizes the word scrapbooking. When someone asks me to design them an original, beautiful, and one of a kind scrapbook for someone, I know this is a very special request. I feel honoured to be allowed to participate in a moment in someone’s life that expresses how much they are cared for.  

If I had my way, I would not call this scrapbooking. Nothing about the person that is going to be honoured in this book is a scrap. There may be little snips of special events. Perhaps a curl from a child’s first haircut. Maybe movie tickets from a first date.

For several years I made scrapbooks to give to friends and family that had a special event in their lives. I was encouraged to continue by people who saw my work. At that time in my life, I called them scrapbooks. But, something happened that changed my world and changed the way I saw my books. I became a mother.














They handed me this beautiful little angel and I wanted to memorize every inch of her. I wanted to remember the way her lips curled when she smiled in her sleep. I wanted to remember the exact shape of her face and the colour of her hair. I knew she would change so fast. So I started looking at the little book, that I had made by hand, just for her, and I recorded every memory I could. My scrapbook had become my memory catcher and I did my best to fill it with every tiny event in her life.

My baby girl has a sister now. Each of them has a book dedicated to every year of their lives. One day they will leave my home, for a life and a home of their own. They will look back and see how they looked when they lost their first tooth, and see how big their backpacks looked when they went to preschool for the first time.

Their books will record sporting events, first loves, their first broken heart and more. They will see the twinkle in their eyes at Christmas and the tears in my eyes at their graduations. These memories are all caught and kept for each of them.

What memories do you want to capture?

It is never too late to begin your book. Every day of life is an adventure toward something new and exciting. Look around you. Nothing you see today will be exactly the same tomorrow. Years are just like the blooms of a flower. They are here today and gone tomorrow.


Once we become adults, we realize how short life really is. We tell our children about visits we had with their great-grandparents, and how things were in the good old days. But, their world will not be the one you grew up in,

Your grandparents and their grandparents are what made you who you are today. It is a piece of the puzzle they will never have. Unless you preserve it for them, they will never really know who they are and why.

These books can be handed down to future generations and they will be treasured.

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