Ten Symptoms of a Failed Marriage and an Impending Divorce

Ten Symptoms of a Failed Marriage and an Impending Divorce

Failed marriages are a dime a dozen nowadays, unfortunately. There are plenty of us seeking to start a family with someone sooner rather than later. However, the reality on the ground is that divorces are getting more common. That is not to say that divorce rates are necessarily higher. They are, however, not decreasing.

Those having experienced failed marriages can attest to there being several responsible factors. These range from minute ones to some deemed fatal. When marriages fail, and divorces are on the horizon, there are a select few couples who never saw it coming. These failed marriages carry with them loads of baggage of which the symptoms aren’t always visible.

Even the perfect marriage between Asian women looking for marriage and their heartthrob hubbies can lead to disaster. At times, the best marriages fall apart through no one’s fault. Other times, it is essentially both partners who refused to make it work.

Here are ten surefire ways of knowing something is not happening and needs to happen.

1. Intimacy

Intimacy is important in all relationships, especially marriages. Without intimacy one or both partners feel cold, almost literally. It can also shatter one’s self-esteem as one feel like their partner has moved on.

2. Lack of motivation

Normally, couples will work through everything to make the union work. This effort is placed when things are good or bad. When one partner decides or acts like it is not worth it, they might have left already. The difference is they haven’t left emotionally.

3. Domestic Violence

When hubbies start beating wives up, things are thick and something has to give, but not someone. It is at this point divorce lawyers need to be sought and relationships disbanded.

4. Communication

Lack of communication signifies something seriously wrong, especially when this void occurs over long periods. When things are heading downhill fast, someone is cheating emotionally. Usually, it could be both partners have someone else they chat with. There is nothing left in the relationship.

5. Emotional disconnect

Some couples reach a point where there are no emotional connections. For some, it works okay but most partners need to feel something, even if it doesn’t lead to intimacy. A lack of emotional connections usually means these connections are being created elsewhere. The couple is better off separating.

6. No Support

A doomed marriage always begins with a lack of support, which centers on selfishness. A spouse will focus on their needs only. These needs might be entertainment, clothing, provisions, and even medical care. When their spouse feels left out constantly, the marriage might be doomed.

7. Lack of compromise

Another word for compromise might be an unwillingness to change. Some spouses are unwilling to change to better the marriage. These small changes could lead to major advances in a marriage. Lack of said changes leads to disgruntlement and possible divorce.

8. Disharmony

This occurs in several ways, including polarized career choices and a lack of synchrony. When one partner needs to advance their career and their spouse slows them down, constantly, it shows a dark future.

9. Disrespect

You go for lunch and she shouts or lashes back at you after a small pet peeve. Vice versa, he calls you names or patronizes you around his friends. These signs of disrespect are destined to turn worse, which could also lead to violence.

10. Untrustworthy

When you lose out on trust and spouses are cheating emotionally or physically, why would you hang on? These are surefire signs of a dying marriage and impending divorce.

Bottom Line

A dying marriage has many signs and symptoms, but many marriages have found their back to the top. It takes hard work to make marriages but even the soundest unions meet their demise eventually. Watch out for these signs to get out of an unhealthy marriage sooner rather than later. 

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