Protect Your Garden Furniture with Furniture Cover


Summer is almost over and your outdoor furniture has survived the elements. Now it’s time to protect them from the harsh winter weather. Here are a few tips to help you find furniture covers for outside furniture in a hurry!

I have been putting furniture covers on my outdoor furniture when the season starts changing. Sometimes I just forget to put these items away until it is too late and furniture has been damaged from all the rain, cold weather, and snow that we get here in Colorado. The furniture can be very expensive so covering it up will at least keep most of its life longer, plus adding furniture cover looks better than having wet or snowy furniture sitting out next to your home exterior.

Furniture covers

Ensure Your Outdoor Furniture WithOut sunny furniture Covers

Protecting your furniture from the sun, rain, and dirt is a must when you want to keep it looking good for a long time. But what about when you want to leave your furniture outdoors? In order to leave furniture outside all summer, you need to have furniture covers that are designed for outdoor use. Otherwise, humidity and other elements will damage your furniture in just a short amount of time.

I have been using outdoor furniture covers every season change because I don’t always put my furniture away in their designated place in my yard. So I have been lucky enough not to have any major damages on my outdoor furniture but it’s a great opportunity to insure them from any possible furniture damages.

Furniture covers for outside furniture

Make Sure Furniture Covers Fit Outdoor Chairs and Tables Well

When choosing furniture covers, there are a few things to consider. First of all, you need to make sure it fits. For smaller pieces such as chairs and tables, you don’t want the furniture cover to be too loose, or else they might fly off when in high winds. And if the furniture cover is too tight, it may rip since it’s being stretched so much when placed on furniture with rounded edges or cushions. You also need to choose one that isn’t too thin but not too bulky either so when it rains, water can easily drain through them instead of pooling up.

Finding furniture covers was quite the process for me. I looked at many furniture stores in my area but they didn’t have any furniture covers that fit my outdoor furniture properly. I wanted furniture covers for my outside chairs and tables with no hassle of them blowing around or being too tight so water can drain through them instead of pooling up on top if it rains. So I turned to the internet to search furniture covers online which led me to Amazon where there were a variety of options available! A few clicks later, furniture covers are ordered and delivered within a few days 


Q: Can furniture covers be machine washed?

A: Most furniture covers can’t be machine washed but they are made from materials that allow them to easily remove dirt and debris so you can wipe it away with a damp cloth or hose down.

Q: What type of furniture will furniture covers fit?

Garden furniture
A well designed and with the proper dimensions, furniture covers are placed on the garden furniture

A: Furniture covers come in different sizes and shapes which make them ideal for most types of furniture. The material also depends on the furniture cover because some furniture covers might work better for certain outdoor furniture designs while other ones might not work well at all. So make sure you check out what kind of furniture cover works best before purchasing.

Q: What furniture covers are best for winter?

A: Furniture covers made from materials that stand up to cold weather are ideal for winter furniture. If you live in a place where the winters tend to get very cold, furniture with heavy-duty furniture covers that can withstand freezing temperatures will last longer.

Decorate Your Outdoor Space with Furniture Covers

Here at out sunny, we have furniture cover options available so you can protect your outdoor furniture. Our furniture is made of durable material which gives you peace of mind knowing your furniture is protected when it rains or snows outside. Each piece of our furniture is different which means our furniture covers have been engineered to fit each design properly.


Now that furniture covers are available for your outdoor living furniture, you can say goodbye to furniture damages and hello to furniture longevity. Make sure your furniture is protected even when they aren’t being used by using furniture covers that fit properly.


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