PDFBear Guide: Why Is It Important to Add A Watermark To Your PDF Files?

PDFBear Guide: Why Is It Important to Add A Watermark To Your PDF Files?

It’s a challenge to safeguard original documents, projects, or designs from being used without proper permission or stolen, given the active numbers of individuals utilizing the internet these days. It’s also hard to prevent someone from cloning or imitating concepts and ideas. And adding a watermark to your work is the best method to protect your PDF files.

Good thing, PDFBear can help everyone to manage in preventing this issue. This web-based converter tool provides various features and tools that can help transform and download PDF files into different kinds of file forms. You don’t have to panic about anything because PDFBear is built and designed in a user-friendly interface.

How To Add A Watermark With PDFBear

Every individual can add watermark to PDF free of charge. There is no need to pay anything as PDFBear gives it for free. There are many reasons why most artists, creators, or writers get provoked. However, trying to copy someone else’s work without appropriate permission is on top of the list.

Because of this, PDFBear allows individuals to use their remarkable Add a watermark to PDF tool to help creators guard their work comfortably and in an easy way. Users can type text over their document as a watermark in just a few clicks! Plus, they can also change the visibility and typography if they want and put a photo if they want to.

Here’s how to add a watermark. Drag or select the document that needs to have a watermark into the designated toolbox. Once done uploading, choose the place where you desire to have the watermark into your file. Then, click “Convert” to select all changes and download the freshly converted file into your computer.

PDFBear As The Most Efficient And Reliable Tool

PDFBear is considered one of the greatest efficient and reliable converter tools on the web. It only restricts adding an identification but can be used in many different ways. Users can turn PDF files to Word, HTML, PPT, JPG, PNG, PDFA, Excel, and conversely. Individuals can always turn files the other way around. An outstanding feature only PDFBear possesses. 

Moreover, PDFBear also has more incredible tools such as Compressing, Splitting, Merging, Repairing corrupted files, Delete a page in a document, Rotate PDF, Unlocking and Locking documents so many more. Most of these features and tools have the same conversion technique, and there are only simple steps to follow.

The first step is to proceed to PDFBear’s site and choose the tool you want to convert. Next, upload the PDF file into the toolbox or drag and drop it for a more easy method. After uploading, you can now make the required additions and modifications to your PDF and click “Convert” before saving it into your computer.

Straightforward Connect To Friends Or Colleagues

One great feature of this converter tool is you can easily connect and share your work with friends, colleagues or family without any complications. If you prefer to share it through the link, copy and paste the shareable link into the chosen platform. The link is only valid for 24hrs. If via Email, comply with all the necessary data into the email tab and press send.

Remarkable Security System

It’s common sometimes to feel intimidated and hesitant whenever you attempt to conduct or process anything online these days as the rise of online criminals increases. And once you place something out there, it’s already exposed. Luckily, PDFBear has a unique security and privacy system that can assist every user’s dilemma with this absolute case.

PDFBear has a sophisticated SSL connection which means for Secure Sockets Layer. This specific connection is a standard technology that double protects your web browser that is being accessed between two applications. To simply put, PDFBear prevents the risk of malware, hackers, online thefts, viruses, and other malicious intent that can harm users.

Furthermore, this web-based converter tool has a distinct security approach wherein all files and data that has been processed, converted, or transmitted on their network will be deleted after 60 minutes for good. This web-based tool has excellent reliability as they grab seclusion matters at their extreme and costly standards. 


It’s crucial to add a watermark to your PDF files to protect and secure them against people who have bad intentions. PDFBear is the greatest tool to have your files converted and safeguarded. It doesn’t just add a watermark but has numerous tools and features to choose from to match your file’s specifications. 

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