PDF Security: How to Protect Documents Securely Through Adding Watermarks

PDF Security

Almost every user’s preferred format for exchanging and storing information is PDF. Aside from that, PDF files have a number of advanced features, such as a high degree of protection, which makes them more prominent among users. It is mostly used to handle sensitive information in eBooks, emails, company reports, legal documents, and personal records.


The PDF file format supports a variety of advanced features. The most common of these features is adding a watermark to PDFs using an online tool. It’s one of the most widely used methods for safeguarding PDFs against plagiarism. If you have multiple PDFs, you can use GoGoPDF to secure all of them with custom settings. To find out more about it, keep reading.

What Does Digital Watermarking Do?

A watermark is a semi-transparent sign that appears on a document or photos. Watermarks can be in a variety of shapes, sizes, fonts, and other text or image formats. You could have a copyright watermark, similar to what you will see on a professional photograph. You can also include a watermark that is unique to the person who will receive the document.


Apart from that, these watermarks can include anything from a business name to a specific ID number to the recipient’s name and email address, and you can also add watermark to PDF. These watermarks can be seen on everything from movie scripts to passports, and they are frequently used to prevent people from downloading or copying the document or image.

Placing Watermarks Made Easy With GoGoPDF: 4 Simple Steps

Convenience and flexibility are two of GoGoPDF’s core values. There are several online platforms in the market that has complex interfaces and directions, which is frustrating despite the platform’s excellent services. Fortunately, GoGoPDF’s creators made the website easy to use by providing detailed and simple instructions as well as a user-friendly interface.


Besides that, you will experience a quick and easy online process when using GoGoPDF. The website only requires three things from its users: a secure internet connection, a device on which the process will take place, and the PDF file that the website will process. Its four simple steps on the website frequently help users get the most out of the site.


  1. To begin, simply tap the “Select a File” box to open your file manager and select the files that need immediate watermarking. You can also automatically drag the PDF file into the conversion box for faster file transmission.
  2. After the copies have been received by the site’s system, you will be directed to the next step, which entails uploading a picture or typing in the text you want to use as a watermark. Then you decide where and how to position the watermark to suit your style.
  3. It takes seconds or a few minutes to complete the watermarking process. Wait for the procedure to be completed successfully.
  4. If it’s finished, you can save the file to your computer or email it to yourself by entering your email address in the provided space. GoGoPDF does not limit file sharing, and you can share it with any of your available social media accounts.

GoGoPDF Is A Safe Platform for Online Processes

Because the PDF files you’re currently working on may contain sensitive information, you may be hesitant to share them online. Of course, given the lack of protection, being hesitant to use web-based tools is understandable. However, you will no longer have to be concerned about it because GoGoPDF will ensure that your documents are secure.


After you update your PDF documents with new watermarks from the GoGoPDF website, the device will automatically delete all of the files you have uploaded online. After one hour, the system will remove all of the PDF files from its storage, leaving no trace. As a result, you can rest assured that all of your PDFs are secure in GoGoPDF.

Become a GoGoPDF Pro Member

You can get a premium service by subscribing to their pro mode. This grants you access to exclusive features that allow you to edit your files more quickly. If you want to try out the pro mode for yourself, GoGoPDF provides a seven-day free trial. Keep in mind to cancel your subscription before the free trial expires for you to obstruct being charged.


Watermarking your original work may appear to be a minor addition to your PDF document. However, the effect of adding a watermark to your susceptible files will protect them in preventing potential data theft. With that, visit GoGoPDF’s Add Watermark tool now and get your PDFs protected.

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