How to Select the Best Weber Cover for your Grill?

How to Select the Best Weber Cover for your Grill?

Buying a new Weber grill is a considering investment you make. So, you should also try to protect this equipment to make sure that it is kept in good shape and lasts for a long. For this, you have to think of investing in a great cover. Exposure to environmental elements like rain and direct sunlight may cause your grill to deteriorate and get damaged fast, so a weatherproof cover is ideal to ensure protection.

You may also think of investing in a third-party grill cover as usual; the brand covers are much costlier. There are plenty of such options available at the online stores. Grill covers come in all sizes from smallest to largest sizes. There are many design features also you can consider while comparing many options of the same—some of the best options available in Weber grill cover as below.


Best grill covers to consider

Here are some considerations to distinguish between random covers and feature ones.

Woven Polyester – woven polyester fabric comes with a water-resistant backup lining. The backing also helps to protect the grill against weather damages and also can offer protection against UV rays.

Integrated Air Vents – Some covers will have integrated vents, which will allow air and moisture to flow off freely through the cover. This will minimize the possibility vents allow air to freely flow through the cover and diminish the chances of condensation. These vents also aid to prevent the cover from blowing around in the heavy wind.

Elastic Bungee Cord – Having a bungee cord will let you to properly secure the weber e310 cover into place even when there are heavy winds. The elastic nature of the bungee cord will let it go well with grills of different sizes too.

Usage of heavy-duty material – Make sure that the grill is over is made of heavy-duty material like 600D polyester or so. Ensure that the material used is fully weatherproof and also dust-proof. Good quality material will also ensure optimum protection in wet and hot climates alike. It is also advisable to consider the material which is UV resistant.

Check rip resistance – Premium grill covers may be having high-density stitching on them, which will be highly rip-resistant too. Good quality stitches will improve the durability and strength of the covers. Make sure that the covers are tear-resistant both across the fabric’s wider swaths and also through the seams.

Paddled straps and handles – Similar to the models with elastic bungee cords, paddle straps can help to attach the grill cover to the unit. Handles will ensure good manageability of the covers by making it much easier to put on and off. Having paddle straps will also keep the cover secure on the grill during the wind.

Carry bag – Even though it may be a rare feature to have, it is good to have it if possible, which will be a nice addition to your value of money if in case you are planning to move your unit here and there frequently.


Now you know some basic features to look for while considering a Weber grill cover, so you may explore the online options to compare the pricing and features of the top models available out there.

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