Do Black Cars need special wax?

The above is a very common question that we usually get from time to time. Most of the car owners want to know whether black car waxing is fact or fiction. If you really love history especially in the automobile industry, you will remember that’s Henry Ford announced in 1909 that everyone can have a vehicle in whatever the color they like. What this meant for most of car owners is that they had full control over the makes and the color of vehicles to go for. 100+ years later, the same fact still remains, people have freedom over the color of the car they choose. However, most of car owners especially those black vehicles have a hard time to maintain.

Additionally, most of the people buy black vehicles because they assume that they are easy to maintain. Most of the car owners think that it will be very easy for this to maintain. I bet if you own a black car, you will actually testify that black vehicles are not actually easy to maintain. Though I cannot state categorically that they are very difficult to maintain, I have to admit there’s something that needs a lot of your time and money. However, to make it easy for you, you need to use the right tools and techniques to keep these vehicles looking good. One of the best things to do to your black vehicle is to use car wax that is formulated specifically for black paint.

I will be honest and say that black is the best car color that you can go for. It is actually what most of the people go for. However, to keep it looking good, you need to first of all look for the best black car waxes for that purpose. You can read more about the best car wax for black cars here.

Selecting car wax for black cars

One thing I will assume you know is that the usual best car products also work with black cars. However, with them it becomes very difficult for you to fill up the dents, scratches and streaks on the black paints. Most of the waxes will just enhance the scratches and this may not benefit you in any way.

The above are some of the reasons why you should be looking for the best black wax. This wax is available in powder and paste, spray and liquid form. What this means is that you can select any form for all your needs. The choice of the one you want depends on the requirements. Most of the people use the powder and the spray waxes because they yield better results quickly. They also retain good car paint. Other people usually use liquid products simply because they last longer.

In the process of selecting the best black wax, you need to do some comparisons. After the selections you have to make an appropriate selection. Some of the best formulas include Eagle One wax-us-u-Dry, 3M Perfect-it show car liquid wax, Pinnacle Souveran, Zymol Ebony Wax and many more.

Does Colored Black car wax really work better?

I know this is the reason why you are here. With all the alternatives that are available in the market, most of the people tend to go for the simplest methods. However, the question of whether black car wax works better or not cannot be answered directly. As a matter of fact, it all depends on the requirements and the situation at hand.

I bet you already know the main reason why people use car wax. The main reason is to cover and conceal with the common unwanted paint flaws. The next thing is for the wax to create a better reflective surface. If you are dealing with some of problems on your car, then you have to start by searching for the best black wax. However, you should bear in mind that this is a limited solution to this.

Are there any other forms of black car wax you can use?

If this is what you are worried about, then you should at any case look for the best black car waxes in the market. There are unlimited options for you in the market.

How to apply Black car wax

Now that you have all the above information in mind, you should now be concerned about how you can apply this on your vehicle. At this point in time, we will actually discuss the whole idea of applying black car wax.

Find out which type of black paint your car has

The first step is to know which color type your vehicle is designed with. However, most of the alternatives that are available in the market today are Acrylic Lacquer, Urethane and Acrylic Enamel based paints.

Wash your car before the application

The next thing to do is to clean and dry your black car as you move forward.  You need to ensure that all the debris and dust is cleaned well.

Purchase black car wax

With all the information discussed above, it will be very simple for you to purchase a black wax. You also have to use several other factors when you are purchasing the black wax. If your car paint is fading, then you can at any case get this wax.

Apply the wax by hand

The next thing you are supposed to do is to apply the wax by hand. You can use a cloth or cheesecloth to squeeze and scoop out a small amount of wax onto the cloth before applying it. Now you have to apply the wax with moderate pressure and use circular motions that overlap.

Buff out the already applied wax

This step is to ensure that all the excess wax is removed and the new shine is revealed. After this, you have to use a lamb’s wool buffing pad to buff an extra dose of wet look. If the previous step didn’t see any changes, then this is the final step that you should take. You can apply it in circular motions with moderate pressure. This will make sure that your vehicle looks as good as it was in the store.

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