Common Reasons for Blocked Drains in Essex

Do you think that you have a blocked drain in Essex? This is a common problem that can at any property. Often, there is going to be a reason for it and it is something that can be remedied with professional help.

If you want to understand why your drains are blocked, as well as how to prevent it in the future, here are some common reasons for blocked drains in Essex.


Did you know that food should not be going down the drain? A lot of people allow food debris to wash away from their sink and this can lead to a blockage in the drains. Over time, food can build up and get stuck to the pipes. Eventually, this is going to stop water from draining away and there can be a blockage. A common sign that this has happened is a bad smell coming from the drain.

Grease, Oil and Fat

Some of the worse substances that can go into drains are grease, oil and fat. A lot of people do not think much about these things. Since they are a liquid, they believe that it will be fine to drain it away. However, it is common for them to create clogs and this leads to blockages in the drain. They are very good substances at clinging to pipes and being sticky. This builds up over time. It is best to let oils solidify and dispose of them instead of running them down the sink.

Baby Products

Toilets are only designed to flush paper. But, some people try to dispose of baby products this way. In particular, this includes nappies and wipes. Over time, this is going to lead to a blockage in the drains. These are products that have an ability to hold water. This means that when they are flushed down the toilet, they are going to absorb water on the way and expand. This can mean that they cause a blockage and nothing else can flush away either.


Often the reason for a blocked drain in Essex can be avoided. Namely, toiletries can be flushed that should not be down there. It is important to remember that toilet paper is designed so that it can flush away through the system. However, other toiletries that can be used in the bathroom are not. While nappies and other baby products are common, wipes, sanitary products and cloths are other toiletries that are found to block drains. This is due to their ability to hold water and this increases their size. They can expand and get stuck when they are flushed. Then, this is when the blockage develops.

Leaves and Debris

It is not always objects and substances in the home that are capable of blocking the drains. In fact, there is a lot of dirt and debris outside that can play a part as well. In particular, leaves and debris that gather over the autumn and winter periods can be pushed into the drains. Over time, this is going to cause a blockage and obstructions in the drain. If you think that is what is causing a blocked drain for your property in Essex, garden maintenance will be essential throughout the year.

Foreign Objects

It is not uncommon for foreign objects to be the source of a blocked drain. Of course, this is not always an action that is deliberate. For example, a soap can end up down a shower drain or a kid’s toy can be drained away after a bath. But, having a foreign object go through the system can easily block it. The key is going to be as careful as possible when you are draining water away or flushing.

Tree Roots

You may be surprised to hear that tree roots can cause a blockage in drains. This tends to happen around older homes. The tree roots will grow and break into the pipes over time since they are attracted to the moisture. Eventually, it will cause a blockage. If you have trees near to your property and you start to hear a gurgling sound, this may be caused by its roots. 


Hair is something that has the capability to block drains. Indeed, one of the first signs there is a blockage is slow draining water. But, if the hair is left in the drain, it can actually lead to a total blockage. The best practice is to remove any hair from around drains on a regular basis. Of course, it is natural to lose hair when you are showering. But, it has to be removed to stop problems later down the line.

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