Bounty Hunter TK4 Metal Detector Review

Bounty Hunter TK4 Metal Detector Review

Bounty hunter TK4 is the best metal detector for beginners and kids. It is easy to use. Its model is said to be the “turn on and go” model means, just start the machine and go on hunting, there is no need to waste your time reading the manual or watching tutorial videos. It is the simplest machine that everyone can operate easily, even kids. The next advantage is, it is the cheapest detector that you can afford easily. If you want to give your kid a present, it is one of the best. It can detect everything from coins to jewelry. If you wish to find your lost item you can use it without any problem. It is budget-friendly, user-friendly, also weightless such that you can use it for several hours without any difficulty. Its adjustable height can make your kids comfortable and full of enjoying hunting.


  • Features
  • Warranty: it comes with a five-year warranty
  • Batteries: it needs two 9volt batteries
  • Discriminant: it has a discrimination control that you can easily distinguish between metals.
  • Coil: an 8-inch search waterproof coil is used. So, that you can use it in considerable depth or underwater hunting easily.
  • Weight: it is a lightweight machine that is easy to use and carry.
  • Shaft: it has an adjustable shaft in length.
  • Size: the product size is 28.2×10×6.2 inches and 4.2 pounds
  • Easy to use


As described above, it is the simplest machine and easy to use. It has only two knobs, and a switch only. The knob on the right hand is for on/off switch and sensitivity mode, the left one is for discriminate and switch just below this is the mode selection. Just these three controls are in it, which make it simplest.


  • Functions

The control box of this detector has two knobs (which are discussed above), a switch, and an analog meter in the center. The meter measures the signal strength when targeting over a metal. Inside the meter, you will see a low battery indicator. Now the time for detail about the functions of nobs.


  • Discrimination

The discrimination nob allows you to ignore common metal signals found in trash usually, such as iron, lead, and steel. This is the critical mode, for example, if you want to hunt coins only, you don’t need to dig all day. It can give you the signals to dig for the good stuff.

The low end of discrimination represents metal with low conductivity like; iron, silver, and lead.

The middle of the road metal would be; gold, nickel, and brass.

At the top, you have the most conductive metal like silver, copper, and zinc.


  • Sensitivity

The sensitivity is the depth in which you are hunting. The higher the sensitivity, the higher the chances of detecting metals under depth. It is recommended to put the sensitivity mode on the top so that you can easily detect coins and other metals on the ground.


  • Battery indication

The battery indicator is present in the meter. This indicates low battery power. When this is red, this means that the time for replacing the batteries.


  • Conclusion

Above mentioned features and functions tell you the simplicity of this detector. It is the cheapest metal detector at about $100 only. The rating of buying and the detector is about 4.4 out of 5, which shows the popularity of this metal detector. It is the best way to find coins with this device that the kid can also use and enjoy.

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