Best Ways to Look Posh – Top 5 Fashion Tricks

We saw fashion trends come and go overnight, it’s a struggle to make a fashion statement in a time when everything is pretty out-there, but some clothing items and trends just never go out of style. Here are 5 tricks and tips to look out for to achieve the posh and chic look effortlessly.

1. Prints

Animal prints are one of those trends that never seem to quiet down. Since the prints usually have a neutral color scheme – they can be worn with literally everything. But the key to achieving a posh look is to incorporate the animal print whilst keeping it low-key, adding one printed item to complete the outfit rather than having big pieces to overwhelm the whole look. Big designers like Dolce & Gabbana never shy away from the famous animal print and their leopard print hat is the perfect detail to finish an outfit and still keep it classy and simple. Ties add an impressive touch to your outfit so, if you are interested in buying designer ties then you must check some of the best designs of ties by

2. Color and cut

Beige is most definitely in at the moment. This pale sandy fawn color dominated the runways this year, but it seems as though it never went out of style. Beige clothing items come in various forms, most famously as trench coats and cigarette pants that should be found as staple pieces in every girl’s closet. Beige could also be worn as monochromatic head-to-toe for a more dramatic look. Regardless, you will always look posh and classy wearing this iconic color. Throw your skinny jeans away and replace them with elegant wide-leg pants. These stylish trousers are a go-to, they come in every color imaginable, you can dress them up with a blazer and a luxurious necklace or dress them down with a plain T-shirt. Wide trousers by Valentino are a perfect choice, with their elegant cut and dashing red color, they can give any outfit a pop of color whilst still keeping it chic.

3. Simple shoes

Shoes are called a girl’s best friend for a good reason, as they complete the outfit and in some cases, even define the whole look. Shoes come in all shapes and sizes, and as wild as they get, nothing can compare to good old black high heels. Black pumps are a no-brainer when it comes to completing a look, with their rather simple yet eye-catching design. If you’re on your feet all day and don’t want to be in heels, you can also wear simple ballet flats or court shoes.

4. Timeless bags

Purses are an excellent example of timeless pieces that never went out of style and probably never will. The simple, yet absolutely essential piece is versatile and can be worn to different occasions. It is perfect for everyday wear as it gives a classy tone to any look and for nights out to help you keep all of your essentials in one place. If you’re looking for something more functional and stylish, go with a crossbody bag, as you’ll find that those are more practical and easy to carry around.

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5. Less is more

There are a plethora of ways to accessorize and spice up any outfit, but keep in mind that less is usually more. Chandelier diamond earrings are a go-to styling item. Their simple and chic design brings a pop of glam to any look. For more day-to-day accessories, you should consider widening your collection of scarves, as they give both color and texture to your outfit, making it infinitely chicer.

So if you want to be posh every day, remember to keep your closet stocked with timeless pieces and don’t be afraid to spice it up with some new trends, but most importantly – keep it classy.

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