Best Formula for Gassy Babies: Understanding Digestive Issues


Infant meteorism is a nightmare for all parents. Newborns can cry day and night feeling terrible tummy pain. Some caregivers panic and make mistakes that only worsen the situation. Others learn about the problem as much as possible. They choose the most suitable formula with health specialists to minimize the side effects of gassy tummies or even manage the problem successfully. As a rule, the best formula for sensitive tummies is made of goat milk or is labeled “hypoallergenic formula”.

Why Do Babies Suffer From Colitis?

Babies release gasses from 13 to 21 times per day as they gulp too much air. Unlike adults, they cannot control it. So, the swallowed air penetrates their stomach and moves to their guts causing discomfort and pain. As a rule, the excessive amount of air occurs when a baby does the following things:

  • eats too quickly because of the big holes in their nipples
  • cries a lot
  • sucks a pacifier
  • laughs too much

Air swallowing is not dangerous, but it can bring some discomfort to a child. Besides, sometimes the reason for colitis is in the wrong formula selection.  Some food provokes the accumulation of gasses, so breastfeeding mothers should either keep to a diet or buy a specially developed formula. According to 2018 research, specially designed low-lactose formula helps babies cope with abnormal gassing.

Other reasons for colitis can be inborn disorders, GERD, microflora problems, and intoxication. 

How to Recognize Colitis in Newborns?

The first symptoms of colitis in newborns are the following:

  • a baby relieves gasses often
  • a belly is bloated
  • newborn cries being tensed and often red
  • a baby’s tummy is hard
  • newborns draw up their legs and clench their fists

However, pediatricians don’t recommend some pills or diet if newborns feel happy. They might feel discomfort for a second when farting but return to their previous mood quickly. One should pay attention to a baby’s health situation only if it cannot release gasses or cries longer than needed while trying to do it. 

The older a child becomes, the more chances it has to get rid of colitis. Others need to avoid gassy foods in their daily meals. Caregivers must be alert if the symptoms don’t disappear after 5 months. Besides, such kids can vomit, lose weight, and suffer from repeated respiratory and skin diseases like dermatitis, asthma, or eczema.

How to Help Gassy Tummies Without Medicines?

Panicky caregivers start giving unnecessary drugs to their babies just to make them stop crying. Indeed, these drops help, but one can help a child manage its gasses without them. Experts give safer alternatives to help infants release gasses.


Breast milk is the best food for newborns. Breastfeeding mothers, however, should not consume products that might provoke the accumulation of gasses in a baby. The top gassy products are legumes, cabbage, soda, sweets, and pastry. Mothers should be also careful with allergic products that might cause indigestion and colitis in a baby. They are citruses, dairy (milk and cottage cheese), and some fruit and vegetables. 

Selection of specially designed formulas

Today, baby formula manufacturers do their best to improve their products for babies with sensitive tummies. Yearly, they use advanced technology and only top-quality ingredients to help babies with gassy tummies stop feeling discomfort and pain. 

Below, one can find the best formulas from European brands. They are all organic. So, they have zero pesticides, chemicals, herbicides, salt, sugar, and hormones. Everything is environmentally friendly and safe.


This brand creates a goat milk organic formula with unskimmed milk to guarantee the required nutrition for newborns. It’s easy to digest as goat milk prevails in A2 casein. Its curds are softer and smaller compared to cow’s milk curds. As a result, a baby’s stomach needs less effort and time to process them. Besides, it fits those who are intolerant to cow milk.


This brand produces several baby formula types for babies with sensitive tummies. They are Comfort, Hypoallergenic, and Anti Reflux. The first two have hydrolyzed skimmed milk to help babies digest meals without pain. The last one fits babies who suffer from GERD. However, it can be used by babies over six months who still have colitis and spit up meals. Besides, HiPP also has goat milk formulas.


Holle deals with both goat and cow milk formulas. Sensitive tummies need goat milk formula to manage the problem. It’s 100% organic and has a spotless reputation in the baby food market. 

4.Nanny Care

This brand provides exclusively full-cream goat milk formulas. It was the first to use goat milk in baby formula production. So, its reputation is peerless and so is the quality of its products.

Other Ways to Help Babies with Gassy Tummies

Breastfeeding experts together with pediatricians recommend considering such effective tips for babies with gassy tummies. 

Help it burp

Parents should remember to help their newborns burp after meals to let the excessive air out. For that, one should hold a baby straight and gently pat it on its back.

Adjust the nipple

If the nipple hole is too big or too narrow, a baby will swallow too much air when eating. So, one should monitor a baby’s eating. Moreover, an infant might choke if the milk flow is too fast. Another benefit of narrow nipples is a slow-eating opportunity. When eating too quickly, infants risk overeating. As a result, they can spit up and experience adverse symptoms like reflux and colitis.


One can stimulate a baby’s peristaltic by massaging the tummy area and doing certain exercises. One should pump the baby’s legs forth and back or lay it on its tummy. The second option allows a baby to explore the world and avoid the accumulation of excessive gasses in its tummy. 

Right feeding position

Finally, one should feed a baby in the right position. A baby’s stomach must be lower than its head. Due to that, air goes up the gastrointestinal way without staying long in a baby’s tummy and causing colitis. 

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