Best Fashion Instagram Hacks to Increase Your Follower Count in Less Time

Instagram is a visual social platform and best for fashion accounts. It is a photo-sharing site where stunning images and videos make people stop scrolling and wonder in awe! You can take your fashion Instagram profile to another level through shoppable posts to an immersive, elaborate, and engaging experience for your current and potential followers.  

When you are on IG, you need to increase your followers and an essential social media strategy. If you do not have organic visibility and user engagement, your fashion IG account will fail to build a community that you can leverage as an effective marketing tool.  

According to an article published on Social Media Examiner, you need to start with a content theme for your IG profile. When you have a business profile, creating a theme is essential, especially when it comes to colors, the use of filters, and the kind of content you would like to post 

Growing your Instagram followers is not that simple because it calls for much of your time and effort. Social media strategies are changing as fast as IG algorithms. Here are some of the best Instagram tips to increase your followers in less time:  

Maintain your individual style  

If you want followers who would stick with your fashion brand, then maintain your style. You need to be yourself. When you try to imitate another brand’s style, your targeted audience will not know your true self, who you are in the first place. People are smart and they know when a business is not authentic.  

There are some smart ways to grow your IG following. These include post consistency. Your followers will know when you will post the picture of the next fashion garment. User engagement is another factor. Therefore, ensure you reply to their comments on your posts as well as their posts. Show your genuine personality and post relevant fashion content so that followers attract to your IG profile.  

You can share interesting IG content like behind-the-scene shots to show a day in your fashion store. It will show your audience the human side of your business and not just the brand. You can highlight your personal fashion style to pique follower interest. Make sure your posts are colorful, bright, and engrossing to your audience.  

Post spectacular content  

Since Instagram is all about stunning images and videos, people associated with the fashion world find this social platform the best one to promote their content. That is the reason why you need to post high-definition, jaw-dropping photos to make people stop scrolling and like and comment on your posts. It will help you buy 50 likes on Instagram and even more with time with post engagement. The competition is tough and all fashion houses are posting nothing but stellar content. Therefore, post content that is the best and not something amateurish. Remember content creation is the core of your Instagram marketing strategy.  

Post unique images and not stock photos. Make sure all your IG content is one-off. Therefore, use behind-the-scenes images in your Instagram feed as well as your stories. Highlight your fashion events, team, and other spontaneous shots. For best results, hire a professional photographer to shoot models in your latest fashion garments for making your content unique and outstanding.  

Make certain that the outfits match with the background and create a wonderful contrast. Ensure that your fashion content does not get lost amid millions of other posts.  

Develop an appropriate theme  

When you have a theme for your fashion Instagram profile, it will benefit your business as well as your followers. When you are contemplating to post the photo or video of a model in the latest fashion attire, refer to the theme you used before and figure out whether it would fit aptly with your current post. Themes help you decide on your social media content strategy and a useful tool for fashion Instagram marketers.  

Themes also add depth to your branding and beneficial for your targeted audience to know your business and products better. Once you maintain a consistent theme, the followers will identify it and associate the posts that you publish on your fashion Instagram account. Your followers visiting your IG page will see your grid and identify the theme as yours. It attracts them to your fashion brand and makes it easy to follow your fashion IG account.  

Instagram themes make your fashion profile consistent as well as pulled together. It also tells your followers what they would possibly expect from your fashion brand when they start following you. Your theme is the synopsis of the nature of your fashion account and therefore, you need to spend some time brainstorming before making a choice. Do not rush when you are choosing themes for your fashion Instagram account.  


Use these tips and tricks to set your fashion Instagram profile for success for increasing your organic following. Build connections with other fashion IG users, who evince an interest in following your brand and your content.

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