7 Things You Must Know About Mercedes-Benz 

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Mercedes-Benz by now, which is one of the most luxurious, advanced, and popular automobiles worldwide. Its status is proven with excellent performance and sleek-looking vehicles many dream of owning! 

The company has been pumping out these groundbreaking vehicles ever since Karl Benz introduced their first petrol-powered car back in 1886. Ever since then, they have been producing the best of the best!

Do you want to learn more about how the Mercedes car came to be? You can contact Mercedes Services Center or learn all about the cool facts as I show you seven things you MUST know about the company!

Seven Things You Must Know About Mercedes-Benz 

What are the things you should know about a Mercedes car? Whether you own one or plan to save up for one, check out these interesting facts:

1. The Iconic Silver Colors 

For Mercedes-Benz fans, you probably noticed how all car models have the default silver color. There’s a story behind it, dating back to 1934.

Mercedes-Benz participated in the Grand Prix, but their racing car, which was the W25, weighed just ONE kilogram over the required weight limit. To lose this extra kilo, the bosses had mechanics scrape off the car’s pearl white paint, exposing the metal body’s silver color. Ever since then, silver has been THE color to represent the company.

2. Developed Autonomous Driving System

Everyone knows how an advanced company like Mercedes-Benz would always think ahead of their competitors and the times today. That’s why their skilled engineers developed a successful autonomous driving system over 20 years ago. The system was first tested on the 1995 W140 S-Class, driving over 1,000 miles without a driver’s input. 

This advanced technology was the one that laid its foundation for many safety systems Mercedes-Benz cars offer today. Many other car brands have also followed suit with the company’s idea!

3. The First Automobile and Hybrid 

Karl Benz is actually the co-founder of Mercedes-Benz, with them producing the FIRST car made in the entire history! 

Benz patented the three-wheeled automobile in 1886, which had a 954cc gas-powered single-piston 4-stroke engine. It was able to produce up to 0.9 HP, which was a lot of power at that time. After that invention, everything went uphill for them and the history of automobiles. 

Fast forward to 1906, Mercedes-Benz made their first hybrid car at a time before it became popular. The company introduced the Mixte model, a hybrid car that had a gas engine in front, which powered its front wheels. It also had a dynamo at its back, powering the electric motors at the car’s back.

4. Even More Firsts In Innovation 

Besides producing the first automobile and hybrid car, Mercedes also had a ton of firsts. 

They also invented the first car that features brakes and separate suspensions in all of the cars’ four wheels. They were also the first car company that used electronic ABS, or the anti-lock braking system). All these amazing features created by the company have been put into all their future car models.

5. What Oil and Filter to Use

If you own a Mercedes-Benz, you need to make sure you know how to change the oil. The recommended oil interval is around 10,000 miles and you must use the right oil and filter.

You need to use the Mobile1 0W40 and a fleece oil filter, so the car will be able to run for another 10,000 miles smoothly.

6. Replacement Keys Are Pricey! 

Mercedes-Benz cars are luxurious and expensive, with each part being pricey to replace. This includes your keys, with replacement keys costing up to $500! That’s why it’s best to have a case for your keys to protect it, and to place it in areas you know you won’t lose them.

7. Battery Is Extremely Important

All Mercedes-Benz cars offer state of the art equipment with advanced electronics in them. That’s why they are sensitive in terms of battery voltage. Any battery over five years old might not be able to hold the necessary charge and provide enough electricity.

That’s why you need to make sure that you invest in the right batteries and take care of your current one.

Wrapping It Up

Mercedes-Benz isn’t just a popular car company, but a luxurious and innovative one that continues to impress. As long as you know your car and the history behind it, you’ll be able to maintain it for years to come. Plus, it has you appreciate your Mercedes car even more!

I hope that this list on what to know about Mercedes-Benz encouraged you to invest in one! Check out your nearest Mercedes Services or showroom to get quotations and save up for your dream car now.

Do you have any questions or want to share your knowledge and experiences with a Mercedes-Benz car? Comment it down below, all your thoughts are much appreciated!

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