7 Benefits of Playing Amateur Baseball as an Adult

Baseball is a really fun, dynamic game and it’s estimated that almost 16 million people enjoy the sport in the United States alone. This is a number growing every year and it’s no surprise because almost 10% of Americans list baseball as their favorite sport. As an adult, you might think that your best years of team sports are behind you, but that simply isn’t the case. In addition to professional baseball leagues like uspbl.com, there is a lot of amateur leagues that you could join. You can join a baseball club and try and play for a team, or you can pick up a bat, ball, and glove and swing the bat around your yard. With that in mind, here are some benefits of playing amateur baseball as an adult.

You’ll Keep Fit

Fitness is an all-encompassing way of looking after yourself and lowering your risk of medical conditions and diseases from developing in later life. Baseball will help you stay fit and help ensure you have a healthy heart and circulation system thanks to all the stretching involved in the sport. You’ll also help control diabetes and cholesterol, as well as stay fit and in shape thanks to the physical effort you’ll be putting into the sport. If you suffer from hypertension then baseball is going to be helpful too as it can be prevented by playing sports or being physically active. Just about everything in your body can benefit from playing amateur baseball, from your bones to your muscles, and not only that, it’s fun too!

It Can Help with Your Mental Health

Exercise is strongly linked with improved moods, less depression, and a very good way to destress. It lowers the stress hormone levels in your body and releases endorphins which are natural mood boosters. Because baseball is a team sport, you’ll benefit not only from the mental health benefits of exercise, but you’ll enjoy time with people in a socially beneficial setting, which can only have positive effects on your mental health. It might also help you tackle fears of judgment or not being up to the task if you practice and become a valuable member of the team.

You’ll Sleep Better

Along with a room that is conducive to good sleep, any exercise and physical activity will mean you are going to get a better quality of sleep. You’ll find that after a day that includes a good workout, you’re going to relax easier and fall asleep faster, which will lead to better quality and longer sleep. The health benefits of sleep can’t be understated and can improve your overall energy levels, mental alertness, and moods. Exercise makes up quite a big part of getting great sleep, and baseball is the perfect exercise to promote better sleep. Don’t forget to remove distractions from your bedroom and make the room dark and cool to round off everything you need to sleep like a baby.

It’s Easy to Practice

Baseball doesn’t require a lot of space thanks to a plethora of training equipment available to you to practice in spaces like your backyard. Practice equipment like a ball pitching machine and a 9 hole pitcher’s pocket you can pitch into, as well as a willing kid with a mitt to have a game of catch with, are all quick and easy ways of enjoying the sport at home. This doesn’t only mean it’s a convenient sport for getting your 30 minutes of exercise every day, but you can practice year round and benefit from all the improvements that come with constant and daily exercise without having to go all the way to the gym.

You’ll Improve Your Co-Ordination

As a kid, sports are encouraged because it builds excellent hand eye co-ordination. It’s a part of the sport that doesn’t get a lot of coverage when we talk about the benefits of sport, but it’s an important by-product of playing sport and doing exercise. The more we expose ourselves to pursuits that require co-ordination, the more we’ll practice it and the more honed our natural abilities will become. Sports offer a great way of developing this coordination, and baseball, in particular, thanks to the many different disciplines you’ll be required to perform – catching, throwing and hitting the ball all require you to use a level of hand eye coordination to master.

You’ll Meet People

Team sports are a really good way to meet people. A baseball team has 9 players actively on the field which means if you join a club, there are likely to be many people that you’ll meet and interact with across the different teams. The sense of connection to your teammates and a real feeling of belonging that you get from being part of a team is so important. An added benefit that you might not think about right away is that if the club has female teams or other sport disciplines similar to baseball, like softball which attracts more female players, you might just find your partner through the sport too! It’s not only through playing the sport that you’ll meet people either. You’ll likely start watching your local teams play and meet like minded fans of the team at bars watching the games you watch too.

You’ll Learn the Value of Participation

It really isn’t about winning or losing when you play a team sport as an adult. The real value comes from taking part and learning how to put winning and losing into perspective. It’s a skill that you can use in all aspects of your life because being a humble and resilient loser is just as important as celebrating a win.

It’s not just baseball that you’ll benefit from as an adult if you decide to pick up a bat. The exercise you’ll be achieving when you play the game or train in your yard or local field is invaluable for your physical and mental health and will improve your quality of life immensely. You can make connections and network with the people you interact with when you start your new baseball hobby. Start playing today and you’ll be proficient and hitting home runs in no time at all.

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