3 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) has changed digital marketing for the better and the innovative technology did optimize and accelerated many digital tasks, improve buyer experiences, as well as, led to increased conversions. When you are into enterprise marketing, you are already leveraging some form of AI technology or solution, but several marketers yet do not realize the advantages of AI or machine learning compared to conventional marketing or some non-intelligent marketing application. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits different methods bring, make sure to check this power automate vs uipath article.

According to an article published on Inc.com, Microsoft, Google, Netflix, and Amazon are making the most of AI as part of their mission-critical business operations to offer enhanced services and boost sales. You should join the bandwagon too. Here are the three key benefits of AI in digital marketing

1. Enjoy dynamic pricing

No doubt that offering discounted products is the best way to boost sales, however, there are some shoppers, who prefer to purchase with a smaller discount, or when no discount offer exists at all. You might be wondering what we are talking about here. This is when AI is used by brands to set product prices dynamically based on availability, demand, and buyer personas to boost sales and the bottom line. 

These days, you can see dynamic pricing on many websites that monitor the cost of items sold on Amazon over the years. Every product has some graph displaying simply how much the cost varies based on the popularity of a product, season, as well as other parameters. 

When you are planning a vacation and looking to buy flight tickets, you see a price, but after a few days, you see that the ticket price increases by a couple of dollars. It is a perfect example of dynamic pricing practiced by airline companies, these days. Other companies do the same when it comes to the dynamic pricing of products or services. 

2. Enhanced customization and suggestions 

Customers today, are more probable to relate to custom marketing messages. Some data from Experian indicates that emails are 26 percent more probable to be opened as well as read if they include custom subject lines. Additionally, 79 percent of customers in a worldwide survey done by some marketing firm cited they are only expected to take brand promotions seriously if these are particularly customized to previous communications.

AI helps modern marketers to customize their marketing communications on a personal level instead of standard targeted customers that most marketers depended on previously. Learn how to use AI in digital campaigns from one of the digital marketing agency Auckland near you. 

When it comes to AI technology, it works by foreseeing consumer habits or behavior depending on data intelligence gathered from prior brand communications. It implies that digital marketers can create and send content as well as marketing materials that are most probable to convert a lead into a possible sales opportunity and that too at the best times to generate good conversions.

Many people are aware of such custom recommendations or suggestions offered when they log into OTT platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon. 

When it comes to such recommendation engines, they have become more and classier these years and could be remarkably precise, especially for those people, who had an account for many years, thus the service is capable of collating loads of customer data or information. For instance, Amazon keeps a record of the following aspects: 

  • Each purchase customers make
  • The residential and office addresses
  • A buyer’s product search history
  • TV series or music the subscriber played
  • Products in a customer’s wish list  
  • Devices used to watch TV shows, movies, or for downloading e-books
  • Things a customer asked Alexa if he or she has an Echo
  • Apps downloaded

AI boosts the deep learning abilities of all such aspects. Did you know that Gartner predicted that 90 percent of businesses would make use of some type of marketing customization by this year? 

3. Creation of content

Machine created content has been doing the rounds for some time; however, the initial unrefined efforts were quite incomprehensible, to be honest. They just managed to trick the search engines but not the human brain. However, these days, AI for content creation has become too classy to the level that a stylist magazine published three auto-generated content or articles. 

AI has the potential to accelerate and boost content marketing efforts in numerous ways. When it comes to any automated content creation application, it can create new stories as well as reports in seconds, taking a copywriter to compose the same for 3-4 hours or days to write. 

Even when you cannot rely on automated software to create blogs or long-form articles, you can use machines to create your social media content. Did you know that the Washington Post leverages in-house news reporting technology, Heliograf to compose basic social media content as well as news articles? 


If you are not making the most out of AI in your digital campaigns, you are losing on opportunities. The world has embraced technology and therefore, you should join the bandwagon too. 

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