• Whether you are expecting your first baby, sending your last one off to college, or anything in between, parenting can be a challenge. Our blogs offer tips for surviving and excelling at parenting, while maintaining your own sense of self.

  • EightymphMom

    My name is Jennifer Regan and I am the proud owner and author of Eighty MPH Mom! Eighty MPH Mom is a family friendly blog that was started in 2009 and focuses on lifestyle, family, DIY, food & drink and much more. We have been helping brands promote via blog posts, social media posts, campaigns, ambassadorships & more for many years, and we know what works!

  • Advocate For Mom And Dad


    Advocate for Mom and Dad offers practical advice for “what do I do?” and “where do I start?”  You will learn from the experience of others how they handled challenges on topics such as legal, financial, insurance, and caregiving issues.  Each story includes links to resources the family found helpful as an effective advocate for their parents.  The mission of Advocate for Mom and Dad is to build a community that helps families determine their best answers to the questions of “what do I do?” and “where do I start?”

  • Your Modern Family

    Becky, the founder of Your Modern Family will make you enjoy reading her honest articles and no matter the topic or the point of view, you can always expect well written thoughts on every topic there is on the blog. You can find lots of advice, from raising kids to organizing home and saving money, along with provoking parenting posts that will encourage you to build a happy house.

  • Look What Mom Found

    Mom and Dad blogging team Melinda and Rob are the married (to each other) writers of LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! since 2008. They have established a unique spot online to share their life, family, pictures, and stories with readers from all over. Together they share the ups and downs of raising three children while introducing readers to new products, services, causes, and events.

  • For The Love To

    Iveth, a 30 something wife and mom of a teenage boy and 2-year-old girl shares her family’s experiences and her knowledge with her readers. Categories include travel, Link Up, Product Reviews, and also helps to give money-saving tips and also sharing fun giveaways with her audience.

    For The love To is also her personal journal where she shares her family’s adventures with her favorite places. It’s a warm and enjoyable blog to read with a lot of helpful information that other moms can get ideas from.

  • MomStart

    MomStart has been Louise’s personal blog for eight years. She enjoys writing about her children, sharing recipes, saving money, reviewing products and hosting giveaways. Within the first six months of writing/blogging, the blog was listed on the 2009 Nielson list as one of the top 50 power mom bloggers. The following year it was listed with Axis PR as one of the top 50 mommy bloggers.


  • Daily Mom

    We are an online magazine for women. It is a place where moms want to come and stay awhile. It’s like a combination of your favorite mommy blogs, Pinterest boards, parenting websites, how-to posts, product features, and the best fashion magazines all packaged neatly into short, easy to read posts with gorgeous photographs.

  • Mum’s the Boss


    Mum’s the Boss is for the mum who is juggling everything right now; Work, children, maybe a home business, and the needs of our partners, parents, and wider family. We can have it all, but it can all get a little bit overwhelming. So grab a cup of tea or coffee and take time for yourself in this blog, full of tips to get yourself organised so you have time to do things just for you.

  • Steals And Deals For Kids

    On this blog, you will find all things kids including kids sales, where kids eat free, deals for kids, kids activities, kids coupons.

  • Redhead Mom

    Shannon Gurnee is the author of Redhead Mom formerly “The Mommy-Files”, a national blog with a loyal following. Shannon and her husband, Frank, have a large family with 6 awesome kids and love living on the Central Coast near San Luis Obispo, California, as well as traveling around the world. A full-time Social Media and Professional Blogger, Shannon also serves as a National Brand Ambassador for many well-known companies. Her blog focuses on motherhood, family fun activities, traveling, fashion, beauty, technology, wedding ideas and recipes while providing professional opinions on products, performances, restaurants, and a variety of businesses.
  • Idealist Mom

    Kelly understands parents’ struggle and how it feels like when you’re overwhelmed. She will make you focus on being a real parent instead of a perfect one thanks to her honest and supportive articles and shared experience. From finding the cutest maternity clothes to ways to get your dog ready to meet a new baby, you will enjoy Idealist Mom all the way!

  • Simple Mom Reviews

    Amy is a mom of 4, licensed cosmetologist and licensed practical nurse who now runs a blog from home and enjoys extra time spent with my kids. On the blog you will find product reviews; including her love for subscription boxes, simple and fun DIY crafts, easy everyday recipes and more!

  • Kids In The House

    This is an an educational website with the goal of helping parents and caregivers become better at parenting by educating, inspiring and entertaining. It’s one of the biggest video libraries with videos from parenting experts and a great source for parenting-seeking advice on how to handle different situations. Kids In The House will answer to every parenting question you have and give you first-hand tips on how to deal with particular challenges ranging from pregnancy to getting into college.

  • FamiliesGo!

    FamiliesGo! was founded by Eileen Gunn to help parents travel more often and more easily with their kids. Their original, high-quality content helps busy parents to easily find destinations and activities the whole family can enjoy.

    They believe family vacations are for parents as well as kids, the sooner you start traveling with your kids the easier it will be, and any destination can be family friendly if you are flexibile, adaptable and well-informed. Explore their destination guides, hotel reviews, packing and planning lists and travel-product recommendations.

  • Toddler Approved

    Although primarily focused on activities for children ages 0-6, this blog is also a great resource for parents of younger and older children. Kristina often shares parenting tips and practices and she is always trying to find a way to make life little more fun and creative. Toddler Approved is a mix of contents related to positive parenting, positive mind and work-life balance.

  • The Mad Mommy

    The Mad Mommy blogs about life with kids, special needs, depression and everything in between! She writes the same way she approaches her life, with a lot of humor and very little grace, because in parenting, if you aren’t laughing, you are probably crying. (Or yelling!)
  • Family Focus Blog

    Created by Nashville mom, Scarlet Paolicchi, Family Focus Blog was created to be a resource for parenting tips, family fun activities, eco tips, family food ideas, family travel, and home decor. Family Focus Blog has been named #3 in Cision PR’s 50 U.S. Top Mom Blog list.
  • Fabulous Mom Blog

    Her name is Tiffany! As you probably guessed- she’s a mom, and a blogger. Most recently, became a widow. This sacred virtual space of hers is about finding the light through the darkness and living a joyful life even through the sadness. is a way of connecting with and helping other moms.

  • Forever Green Mom

    Kim, a blue jean baby boomer born and raised in Texas, started blogging in 2010. Along with her husband, son, 2 rescue dogs, and a lab puppy, they live comfortably in a small town just north of Fort Worth, TX.

    In the latter part of 2016, she rebranded to Forever Green Mom. She’s been on a healthy lifestyle journey since the end of 2009 and felt the need to talk and write more about health issues. Being on this healthy journey she was able to cure stomach problems that she had for years. Eating healthy and taking supplements & vitamins has turned her life right side up and now she’s sharing her stories!

  • Aha! Parenting

    The founder of this blog, Dr. Laura Markham creates and shares moments for parents of kids from babies through teens. She is the author of three books and her relationship-based parenting model has helped thousands of families find compassionate and common-sense solutions to every issue. Aha! Parenting will make you see things from different perspective and answer to all of your questions regarding parenting.

  • Picklebums

    From activities for kids, joyful parenting experiences and creating fun learning experiences to inspire positive sibling relationship and build happy, healthy and connected family – Picklebums is the blog you should bookmark! Kate is sharing inspirational quotes, best family food recipes and play ideas for kids and you can feel she’s enjoying sharing her experiences all the way.

  • Moments A Day

    Moments A Day is a really resourceful and amazing blog for parents. Chelsea, the founder of this excellent blog will make you want to read more, all the while nodding your head as you read. You will read pretty encouraging things here, as she share simple ideas for families to connect and build character. Her mission is to support parents and children to grow into the best versions of themselves.

  • Denver Parent

    They strive to meet the informational needs of parents in the Denver area by publishing articles, blog posts, and directory listings that cover everything from local events, activities, performances, recreation, travel, and charities to tips and hints on issues affecting busy and like-minded moms and dads.

  • Alejandra’s Life

    Alejandra is a mum to her boy RJ, now 2 years old, and she covers topics such as parenting, lifestyle, beauty, health and recipes, and so much more. She also loves to give cool presents on her Blog. Alejandra loves every little bit of her family life and that is what she wants to show in Alejandra’s Life.


  • Kelly Mom

    This site will help parents who are interested and have no experience with parenting and breastfeeding. Every article on Kelly Mom is helpful and encouraging and does not substitute for a health professional. From preparing to breastfeed and nighttime parenting to funny and wise articles such as “Message From A Two Year Old”, we find this blog really educational.

  • Mama Natural

    Genevieve Howland aka Mama Natural is sharing not only great parenting tips, but also great information and experience about how to improve the health of your family through a real food lifestyle. She will definitely motivate you to live a happy and healthy life and become a real parent. If you’re interested in walking this natural parenting journey, sign up for her weekly newsletter and receive three quick tips to every Thursday, to help you and your family live bright and natural life.

  • Mommyish

    Mommyish is a great place for moms that are trying to find work-life balance and be dedicated parents as well. Here you’ll find lots of humour, acceptance, support and balance, because they know how hard is being a parent. They don’t claim to have whole parenting thing figured out, but they are happy to share their experiences and latest parenting trends and news, so parents around the world would know how to make right choices.

  • An Apel a Day is created by: Alissa Apel. It’s a blog that features step by step arts and crafts, parenting tips, travel and activities, food, and other adventures. Alissa Apel also writes a monthly step by step craft for
  • A Mother Far From Home

    You can always count on Rachel to provide a thought provoking parenting topic in a way that will make you want to read more and actually learn about the given topic. She shares activities, parenting tips and activities that, besides being cute and funny, have value and objectives. After reading A Mother Far From Home, you’ll learn how to make a positive environment for your family, encourage healthy emotions and build strong foundation of love and acceptance in your children.

  • How To Be A Dad

    We guarantee How To Be A Dad is one of the funniest and most inspirational blog for dads around the world! We just can’t decide which category is better – “Instructional Diagrams”, which illustrate why caffeine and insomnia don’t mix well or “My Wife Just Said”, whose name says it all. According to its authors, Charlie and Andy, this blog is not so much a “how-to but a “how-not-to” entertainment website for parents or anyone who’s ever had parents really.

  • The Best Ideas For Kids

    This blog started as a place where lots of great ideas and information was shared for new moms and their babies. There are still some of these contents left on The Best Ideas For Kids, but now it’s a place to find all the best kids craft, activities and fun for your little ones. From parenting tips and advice to holiday ideas, you will find this blog really interesting and useful.

  • Fertile Brains

    Fertile Brains is the geeky parenting blog you always wanted to read. Go down the rabbit hole of our parenting adventures, misadventures, lessons learned, and more!

  • The Palmetto Queen

    The Palmetto Queen is Cari’s journal of all things about being a mom, running a business, homeschooling, crafting, loving God, and raising special needs children. It is the place for everything that is in between and a way for Cari to help other moms who have a full plate. Find ideas, tips, reviews, printables, and more.

  • E&H Education LTD.

    This is a blog written by real teachers. The directors are teachers themselves. Therefore, they know what makes an outstanding tutoring or supply teacher experience. They make sure not to compromise on quantity over quality.  The main subjects covered are Supply Teaching, Private Tuition, Group Tuition, and Educational Resources.

  • Mom Fuse

    Mom Fuse is an online magazine for women and mothers. Food and Recipes, Crafts, Giveaways, Momprenuers, Parenting, Pregnancy, Fashion, Beauty and much more. Network in their community and meet other moms!

  • Woman Of Many Roles

    Come join me as I juggle the many roles of being a mom and wife!

  • Happily Blended

    Whether you are 11-year-old learning how to walk for the first time or 50 years old laid off and trying to learn a new skill; life happens and it’s how you respond to that situation that makes you a success or failure. Happily Blended – where you can find a bit of New England Travel, Positive Thinking Tips and info about products. Have a look around and read a bit, we are sure you will enjoy the visit.

  • My Purple World

    Indah Nuria describes herself as a mama of Bo and Obi, itchy-feet traveler, breast cancer fighter, amateur photographer, purple freak, cucina conqueror, diving lover, blogger enthusiast and a shopping freak and on her blog, you can find a piece of all of that. Join her on her journey and enjoy all the photos, stories, recipes, and everything you cherish in this life.


  • AnnMarie John

    AnnMarie John is a lifestyle blogger featuring family, travel and food with a Caribbean flavor.

  • B is 4


    This is a blog where Bernadyn shares her journey with other parents, family, friends, as well as with her children the incredible adventure that they have inspired. This site also includes more life and style discussions. Aside from their family adventures and tips, Bernadyn also shares lifestyle tips, tips on green/frugal-living, kitchen adventures, DIY projects, crafts, product and brand reviews, giveaways, and tips on blogging and writing to help others along on their blogging/writing journey.

  • Expat Petite Mom

    On this blog, Glenda shares with you interesting parenting, lifestyle, fashion, travel stories you can definitely connect to as a parent. She also likes to share her personal stories featuring her daughter Chloe. Glenda says that she is doing what she loves to do and that is providing useful resources to mamas like her.

  • The Real thing with the Coake Family

    This blog is KC’s little corner of the world where she shares crafts, DIY, recipes and organizing tips among other things that are helpful to busy creative women, like herself. Everything she does is centered around making the home warm and inviting as well as creating special times that the whole family will enjoy. Visit her blog and join her on her creative and fun journey.

  • Family Friendly HQ

    Family Friendly HQ is Ireland’s most exciting family information website for the entire family. It’s relevant to mums, dads,  grandparents, aunts, uncles, Godparents… the list continues! This blog offers great family advice from a panel of family experts and they try their best to keep you up to date with what’s new for families throughout Ireland.

  • Deal with Autism





    AutisMag is a complete platform for Parents and Educators working with kids on Autism Spectrum conditions. From preliminary online Autism assessment tests to parenting magazines and a fully functional forum, AutisMag offers best in class tools and resources to help develop essential living skills for children with special needs.

  • My Mommy Needs That

    If you have no one around whom you can ask for advice or if you only want advice from the best sources, this site got you covered. They have compiled a list of the best mom blogs you can fall upon in times of need. You should also subscribe to these blogs and get regular updates on everything parenting and with what’s new.

  • Holdin’ Holden

    Jenny Schoberl is a professional musician, turned stay-at-home mom, hailing from Southeastern Virginia where she resides with her husband and crazy children. She spends most of her days chugging coffee and trying to keep up with two young sons. n order to keep some semblance of her adult-brain working, she began writing the popular Mommy Blog “Holdin’ Holden” in 2008. Her strong views on parenthood and hilarious observations as a mother has earned her a place on the popular parenting website “Circle of Moms” list for “The Top 10 Funniest Moms of 2013” and on Parent Society, another popular parenting website, list for “The Top 10 Funniest Moms on the Internet.”

  • Our kids mom

    OurKidsMom is about life with 4 kids ranging from college age to toddler. We love sharing our thoughts on fitness, new products, travel, food & DIY.

  • Mom With Five

    I am a woman. I am a wife. I am a mother. I am a blogger. Without the first two things I couldn’t be the mother of five children. Without the first three ones you wouldn’t read these lines here. Their order is important. It defines my place, and it expresses everything that I am. Mom With Five blog was born to be a place where we can be our authentic selves as parents: not perfect, but the most outstanding in our goodness. A dash of cooking & creative work, a dash of travel & culture, and a big dash of family.

  • I Value Safety is run by parents that believe most accidents are preventable if we all embrace safety as a core value and live on the side of safety.

  • Dealicious mom

    Sara founded “Deal”icious Mom in 2008 to share her deals and steals! Since then we’ve built a nationwide community of Moms who are determined to have it all and spend less! We share ideas, hacks, tips and tricks for frugal living and most importantly….taking care of what you’ve got. You can find a range of deals on our site, offers we think are a great value for families. And if you’re looking for inspiration on how to live the sweet life AND spend less…you’ll find it here! We hope you’ll join our community of Moms who are spending wisely in all the right places!

  • Kids In The House

    Kids in the House is the world’s largest parenting video library, with over 9,000 videos from 500 experts, including physicians, psychologists, researchers, educators and best-selling authors, as well as leaders of national organizations and other celebrated voices in our culture.

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