Budgeting, living debt free, managing credit, saving for personal goals, investing, and planning for retirement each play a part in personal finance. Our blogs offer tips, tricks, and best practices offered from a variety of perspectives.

Money Under 3

Don’t let the name fool you – Money Under 30 has a great information for all of you, no matter how old you are. From loan advice to budgeting tips and a little bit of everything in between, this blog keeps up with regular content to keep you in the know. The most popular categories include credit cards, your credit, debt payoff, investing, home buying, and car buying.

Everybody Loves Your Money

Everybody Loves Your Money is part of the District Media, LLC portfolio of blogs. Our objective is to deliver high-quality personal finance news and advice that informs, empowers, educates and entertains the public. We provide this information free of charge through our portfolio of personal finance websites, with all operating expenses paid through advertising.

Clever Dude

Cash The Checks was founded in 2006 because Edwin – the financial mind behind the blog – never wanted to get a “real job”. He refuses to wake up early, he refuses to commute to work and most importantly he refuses to ever work for someone else.

Cash The Checks

The “Dude” writes about his mistakes in finances and marriage in hopes that you, the reader, can learn just a few nuggets of wisdom and maybe prevent the same mistakes.

Personal Finance Advice is a site that aims to bridge the gap between saving money and investing. We are here to offer solid tips that will make sense regardless of your financial situation, that can be applied to just about anyone who is willing to improve their finances.

Saving  Advice offers a little bit of everything from financial articles, discussion forums, blogs (you can even create your own), newsletters, calculators and various other financial related tools. You may have seen us in the Washington Post, Budget Living Magazine, The Street, Reddit or even listened to us on the Radio.

Budgets Are Sexy

J. Money has unconventional approach to personal finance and Budgets Are Sexy is a money blog trying to spice things up a bit. He gives regular updates on his net worth changes, along with free tools and templates you can use for your finances, while his main focus is on saving money. They rock out budget planning, retirement, credit cards, 401k, templates & becoming a millionaire.

Frugal Rules

As you can suppose, this blog is about being frugal, but John, the founder of Frugal Rules also has articles on investing, beating debt and utilizing credit cards. This blog has a great variety of writers focusing on how to achieve “freedom through frugality.” They’ll show you how to tackle common setbacks when paying off debt, tax tips, budget tools, investment guides, and more.

Monster Piggy Bank

Glen Stephenson’s goal to show you how he is saving money, and how you can save money too. Learn to save money better with hints and tips from Monster Piggy Bank. He shared his debt progress until 2014 when he became debt-free, and now he shows you how to do the same. You can find articles about budgeting, savings, debt and You never know what topic he’ll write about, so it’s always interesting.

Stefanie O’Connell

Stefanie O’Connell is a millennial money expert, speaker and author of the book, “The Broke and Beautiful Life.” She primarily focuses on Millennials, but her advice is applicable to anyone who wants to save more and earn more. Her blog is full of story-telling articles about common-sense personal finance. She’s really great at writing engaging articles about money that hold your attention with a good story.

Afford Anything

If you want in-depth discussions on all kinds of finance topics (especially mortgages), then this is your blog. “You can’t afford everything, but you can afford anything,” is blogger Paula’s personal mantra. From the articles to the discussion in the comments, you will probably learn more than you ever cared to know from Paula’s blog and you will also find lot of worthwhile advice even if you’re not interested in buying real estate, from adjusting your mindset to increasing your productivity and earnings.

Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly is one of the most famous blogs about finance and it has been around since early 80’s. It is named a best blog by Time magazine and most inspiring money blog by Money magazine is devoted to sensible personal finance.It includes the basic tenets of the Get Rich Slowly philosophy and the ideas that fuel every article we post.

Debt Roundup

Grayson from Debt Roundup writes about dumping debt, saving money, making money, investing and practically every other personal finance topic. He started with Debt Roundup after paying off $75,000 in credit card and auto loan debt and he shows you exactly how he did it in his free guide.

Modest Money

With lot of experienced contributors, Modest Money is one of the blogs you should follow. They have great old articles on general personal finance topics, but their new model is also really good and much more specific. If you’re looking for advice on a specific stock, it’s probably here. Don’t miss out on breaking investing news that could make or break your portfolio. And read Modest Money personal finance blog to control your finances.

Disease Called Debt

Hayley managed to pay off $62,000 in debt in less than two years and chronicles her story at Disease Called Debt. Now that she is debt-free, she writes about how she did it, and other money topics like making money, saving, budgeting and life. Hayley features debt success stories occasionally, which are always motivating to read and does Financially Savvy Saturdays, which is a weekly roundup of the best stuff she found on many different topics.

Swoosh Money Gym

The team at Swoosh helps you work out a way to get out of debt, make money, invest and sort out your personal life with improved finances. They cover a wide range of topics to help finance-savvy Australians find their way in the labyrinth of managing personal finances. If you are looking for a good financial workout, make sure to visit their money gym. You can check it out here.

iMoney Learning Centre

Modern millennials in the Philippines need to look no further for a trusted financial comparison website. Besides that, it is also an authoritative resource on personal finance, helping its readers make the most out of their money.

The Frugal Entrepreneur   

The truth is there’s a lot of good content and resources available to small business owners these days, much of it for free or low-cost, but you really have to dig to get at it.  Frugal Entrepreneur hopes to bridge the gap between these resources and the businesses that need them so that business owners can devote those long, frustrating hours of searching towards other, more productive endeavors.

The Finance Genie

The goal of the site is to provide the tools and knowledge to fully understand what is happening and how that impacts your financial wellbeing. We want to help you understand the costs associated with buying a new home, why a rewards credit card can be beneficial or explaining why a 401K can help automate your retirement.


The website that shows you how to exercise for money and auto-negotiate your cable bill. Find out how headphones can give you more energy. At MoneyHax, you’ll find unique ways to earn, save, and invest money!

Luke 1428

Luke1428 is a faith-based personal finance blog that is all about offering hope to the discouraged and motivating people to make lasting change. Brian believes anyone can succeed as long as they develop a winning plan and stick to it with intense focus and discipline. That’s why he spends a lot of time writing about the day-to-day activities that make personal finance work like budgets, getting out of debt and investing for the future.

Buddha Money

BuddhaMoney prunes the blather all too common among
the finance and investing media while helping you find balance and be

Profinance Blog

If you like talking about saving money, personal finance, early retirement, getting out of debt, improve credit score and side hustling, you will probably like this personal finance blog. The mission is to help you learn how to make, save, Invest and spend money in a way that would help you reach your financial freedom.


MoneyMow is a personal finance blog by Carl who blogs about financial independence and early retirement while documenting his journey towards early retirement at the age of 33. During the journey, Carl writes about everything from simple money saving tips to more philosophical subjects in a down-to-earth manner and with a practical take on how his readers can apply his ideas.


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The Reluctant Credit Guy

The Reluctant Credit Guy is dedicated to helping navigate the sometimes confusing world of personal finance including mortgages, loans, credit, saving and investing.

Money Mini Blog

Money and productivity. Short, sweet and simple.

The Divided Guy

Unconventional Lifestyle & Dividend Growth Strategy
A former private banker that now lives under his own terms.

Stumble Forward

Stumble Forward is a blog all about help people avoid costly financial mistakes for families and small businesses. Whether you’re looking to save money, pay off debt, invest money, or start your own business Stumble Forward works to provide you the best tips to take your financial life to the next level.

Miss Millennia Magazine

Miss Millennia Magazine gives big sister advice for millennial women on the rise.

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