Are we being hurtful Christians?
I am a friendly person and yet at times I feel I give out a fibe that is perhaps taken as being unfr
322 days ago
How do you live with a Unbeliever?
Hello Sista K, I am sorry but I have only just seen your reply. Its very hard to leave a marriage be
322 days ago
Ugochi said:
Hello Crystal, thanks for the follow! God bless you!
753 days ago
Lipton Tea & Honey On The Go! #liptonteaandhoney
Hello, There is nothing better than a hot cup of tea to buck me up. I drink Lipton among others wit
753 days ago
HEAVEN True/False
DO YOU Believe in Heaven ?Why or why not?
961 days ago
hi i visited blog very nice article just follow my blog reply to me
1020 days ago
Arieshu said:
Attila King of the Huns, Turul a symbol of freedom, The Real Jesus... To find out the truth of the Hungarian people to get information about the history and role in the world, you can click on them!
1096 days ago
Katherine said:
Thank you for following,Stopping by to say hello. I hope you'll join the Katherines Corner book club. The first book selection was posted this morning. Hugs!
1112 days ago
JoDee said:
Fabulous blog!
1114 days ago
Omais said:
Hi.. you welcome... :)
1116 days ago
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