Down Syndrome Testing
This is the only reason I'd want to know, to ensure I'm as prepared as possible to love and care fo
923 days ago
Down Syndrome Testing
One Mommy, what a stressful time for you!   In way one, I'm glad testing is becoming more accu
923 days ago
Start here!
Hi!  My name is Rachele and my blog is Messy Kids.  I've been blogging for about a year a
933 days ago
Down Syndrome Testing
I came across this article on Stumble Upon about Breakthrough Testing for Down Syndrome and found
946 days ago
Day 16: A Hunt
Ok, finally got my hunt post up!  If you've ever wondered about Geocaching, then check it
967 days ago
Day 11: Outdoor Adventures!
We enjoyed bubble wrap dancing outside!
984 days ago
Day 10 : Mixing Concoctions
We tried to make elephant toothpaste.  Didn't turn out as planned but it was fun to try..
985 days ago
Day 9: Sensory Tub Exploration
I'm way behind but here's my post for the sensory tub challenge.   http://messypres
985 days ago
Day 8 : Water Play!
We enjoyed playing in the creek at the park.  It was beautiful weather and it had recently ra
993 days ago
Envy Much?
I think I suffer from body envy too.  Unlike you, I don't work at it, so deep down I know
994 days ago
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