Maggy said:
Thanks Theresa!
1238 days ago
Maggy said:
Thanks for following me on Blog Frog! I was hoping you could do me a favor and follow my blog? I have a goal to get 200 followers on my blog by March 31st! Again, thanks for the follow! Namaste, Maggy
1241 days ago
Ryan said:
Hay!! welcome. Hope that follow on my blog.
1260 days ago
Hannah said:
Heyy! Thanks for stopping by! :D
1266 days ago
Girls said:
Your welcome! New to this but it seems interesting =)
1266 days ago
I have a few Butter by Nadia dresses at my site. If you are not familiar with this designer pleas
1266 days ago
St. Valentines Day
Do you and your SO have plans for the day?  My hubby and I have not made specific plans, but
1266 days ago
Blogging Tips for a Newbie @_@
Newbie here to, not put to much into my blog yet. Twisted you look like Natalie Wood
1267 days ago
Chore you hate the most?
The kitchen sink! Not really sure why, I just hate to clean it. 
1267 days ago
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