Awesome blog.Hope your visit to my blog.
1206 days ago
Sally MarKs
Join me live Thursday March 31st to Learn how to erase negativity in your life when special Guest
1217 days ago
Love Coach & Sexpert
2nite Love Coach & Sexpert: Nikki Leigh on Unspoken Issues 7pm/EST Join us live http://s
1217 days ago
Pain of a Mother
I hope ya'll get a chance to read this, its about the bittersweet moments in parenthood enjoy
1223 days ago
Students Unite In WI
Thank you 
1223 days ago
Adele Park Guest live on Unspoken Issues
Dont forget today at 7pm/EST Adele Park Live on Unspoken Issues
1225 days ago
Students Unite In WI
Rumor has it in at least one high school in Madison WI, students are refusing to go to school tod
1232 days ago
Women Under Attack
Are women's rights coming under attack? Join me live @6pm/CST in Paltalk News Network ht
1245 days ago
Speak Out About Domestic Violence
This week Unspoken will speak out about domestic violence. NO ONE deserves to live in fear so joi
1323 days ago
December 9th Domestic Voilence
Domestic Violence is nothing to laugh at, women, men and children are all victims of domestic abu
1324 days ago
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