Do you think of your blog as a hobby or a business?
A little of both.  I wish I could think of it more as a business, but hard to do when it doesn
702 days ago
Redbox Summer. The Princess Thing.
As a dude mom I completely see where you are coming from. As a woman with many male friends, I also
729 days ago
My Drive to Contribute in a Meaningful Way
I feel most alive after finishing a good workout.  I just started exercising regularly for the
757 days ago
What is Your Favorite Cookie To Bake?
Just about anything you put in a cookie really. Check them out here -
777 days ago
Too busy to blog?
Not counting weekends, I make sure to check in on Facebook every day and make a quick run through o
778 days ago
What is Your Favorite Cookie To Bake?
DoBiz garbage cookies.  Totally pre-made dough, but I love them anyways.
781 days ago
How do you deal with anger in your marriage?
Flamingo - we wanted something silly that wouldn't add to the anger. My SO also suggested you use
785 days ago
What is your biggest time saver in the kitchen?
I drink a fruit smoothie every morning, so I make a week's worth at once and store them in mason ja
787 days ago
Blogging "Turn-On's"??
Clean and simple design Great writing that showcases the personality of the blogger Relevant 
787 days ago
Entertaining Kids While Traveling
I once surprised my son with a trip to Mall of America.  He didn't know the destination so eve
787 days ago
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