What Is Your ONE Blogging Tip?
Be you! It seems basic but so many bloggers write what people want to hear. You may have people dis
751 days ago
Old Navy Sexism
So I just wrote a blog post but I am still steaming over Old Navy's sexism when designing their New
754 days ago
campground concessionaires
Same here! Wish I could help as we manage our own. I will ask around though and get back to you.
758 days ago
Hiring Discrimination
I work for a children's non-profit so for us past offenses are paramount in our background checks.
758 days ago
Favorite Movie
Favorite New: How About You Favorite Classics: Pillow Talk & Roman Holiday
760 days ago
A New Thread: Share Your Latest Blog Post Here
Love your background! My latest is here: A Song that Makes You Happy
764 days ago
What are you reading? What is your go to book?
I am in search of some new reading material. I am so pick that I have sorted out so many. I am look
764 days ago
What do you enjoy most about being single?
I absolutely agree. The Freedom to make my own choices and not have to have a conference about it
1077 days ago
How Much Do Bloggers Owe?
Absolutely not. I feel this is the same thing we do to major celebrities as well. For example, I
1077 days ago
leave your blog url
Hope you enjoy http://singinanddancinintherain.blogspot.com/
1078 days ago
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