Introduction from Nicole @ pH Life!
Thank you Nic! I appreciate your offer and look forward to connecting!
803 days ago
Lose Weight, Feel Great with Food for Life Supreme BioCoffee Giveaway!
Join me in the 12- Day Challenge with Food for Life Supreme BioCoffee for a chance to win! Details
837 days ago
Drinking Soda is Drinking Acid!
That is awesome knowledge. Soda definitely is a silent killer! I look forward to more of your conve
842 days ago
Coffee that makes you lose weight, naturally!
Join me in the 12- day challenge for Food for Life Supreme BioCoffee! I am putting Food for Life Su
842 days ago
Join me on Pinterest for hot fashion for Spring 2012!
843 days ago
Be happier and healthier organically!
Adopt the organic way of life and see happier days. Here's how.
846 days ago
Online Schools: learn the benefits for your children!
Learn more about online schools. Let me know what you think. Click this link: http://www.examine
851 days ago
Atlanta Mothers: Spring into fun this weekend!
If your in Atlanta, check out my tips on creative activities for the children this weekend! http
856 days ago
Jewelry Trend: Big, Bold, and Small on the Wallet
Sure, I would love an invite! Thanks!
857 days ago
Do you do reviews?
Yes, I love to do reviews. Let me know what you need!
860 days ago
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