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Marketing & Tech

  • Technology now offers consumers digital assists in virtually every area of their lives. Our blog will keep you up to date on the newest electronics to simplify your work and personal life, including smart phones, laptops, tablets, software, and other gadgetry.

  • Gizmodo

    Gizmodo’s been a must-follow site for a long time, with tons of relevant posts, a youthful vibe, and some of the funnier commenters on the Internet. They mostly cover gadget related news, guides and tutorials related to gadgets. If you’re a gadget lover, then this website is really worthy and you must check it!

  • Visual Hierarchy


    Visual Hierarchy is a popular online marketplace where designers can buy or sell products. We are dedicated to helping designers sell their creative web design and graphic design resources at affordable prices.

  • I Crowd News Wire


    Launched in 2015 by a senior team of corporate communications, news and financial news services executives, iCrowdNewswire is a marketing technology, software, and newswire company deploying communications software and technology with key partners in specialized market segments including markets that are largely underserved.

  • Mashable

    Updated constantly, and nearly always entertaining, Mashable takes the worlds of Twitter, Facebook, entertainment, news, and everything else techies are talking about and, well, mashes it up into the kind of blog casserole we just can’t get enough of. Here, you can also check out videos related to latest technology news and Mashable receives more than 20 million visits per year.

  • Made by Shape

    Shape are a Creative and Digital Studio based in Manchester, UK but have clients all over the world. The blog is an extension of their brand and offers help, advices, tips and tricks and latest news about our business and the digital industry. Shape aims to inform people, in an easy to understand language, and offer real honest advice.
  • Love U Marketing

    The vision of Love U Marketing is to write and teach about Marketing that includes Online Marketing, Internet Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Traditional and Social Media Marketing, Advertisements and lots more.

  • Inapptics

    Inapptics helps app makers analyze user behavior in their mobile apps. With just one line of code, app makers can now see the exact actions users do in their apps, like where they tap and how they navigate. Read their blog for some great insights.

  • VideoCentric

    VideoCentric are a UK based Gold accredited Video Conferencing integrator, providing independent and unbiased solutions based on world-leading conferencing, collaboration and AV technologies. This award-winning team assists organizations in design, implementation and integration of video, audio and data communication solutions across workforces for improved productivity and efficiency, and achieving business outcomes and ROI. The VideoCentric blog provides independent research, thought-leadership pieces, information, tips, and tricks for the private and public sector, and helpful announcements for expanding knowledge in Video-based technologies.

  • Designhill, one of the fastest-growing design freelancing and crowdsourcing platforms in the world, is aiming to establish itself as a leader in the $54 billion graphic design industry. It is an online design marketplace that helps business owner’s source high-quality custom designs at affordable prices. Businesses that have specific design needs such as logo design, business card design, web design, packaging designs (more than 35+ design categories) etc. can run design contests and choose from dozens of designs submitted by designers from all over the world.
    The website is a combination of a crowdsourcing custom design marketplace and a creative platform for designers to learn and showcase their creative work. The platform has over 40,000+ graphic artists, logo designers and visual artists from across the world who work 24*7. Moreover, the sites provide you an option to choose from 30-50+ unique designs in under 7 days.
  • Lobster Digital Marketing

    Lobsters is a digital marketing company in Cardiff specializing in website design, inbound marketing, social media management, email marketing and more. Since 2004 Lobster has been providing businesses with a full and extensive range of online marketing services.

  • I 2 Mag


    I2Mag always have an emphasis on empowering and inspiring people by spreading
    the waves of knowledge. Founded in late 2011, I2Mag is an independent
    information source dedicated to covering start-ups,
    reviewing internet products, social media, digital culture, technology news,
    travel and lifestyle, how-to, business and lots more.

  • Gold Mind Digital

    Do you want actionable integrated marketing strategies and tactics to grow your business? Drive results and reach your business goals with Gold Mind Digital!
  • Zyxware is a digital solutions provider with the aim to enable and equip people to leverage information technology. Ardent supporters of Free and Open Source Software with a leaning towards Drupal, their blogs are a connoisseur’s collection of technical articles, and case studies of digital solutions to business problems.

  • Bright Design

    Want to make more money? Of course, you do – that’s where Bright Design can come in. They work with clients of all sizes to boost brand awareness, increase sales and maximize ROI using SEO, content and digital marketing. Whether you’re a new business looking to reach the next level – or you’re a large, established company seeking support for your marketing department, you can get in touch to find out how BD can help.

  • Wired talks about the internet and network and the various facets of technology. The site has a global reach for its exclusive content and information denoting the daily technology lifestyle. It also provides articles related to the latest gadget news or upcoming science, entertainment, business guides.

  • IT Business Edge is an all-encompassing site that happens to have some of the better tech blogs out there, ITBE is essential for those in the tech industry. After all, one of the toughest (and most exciting) parts about working in tech is that it’s ever changing. Snooze for a couple days and you’ll miss the news that what you’re working on is obsolete and the company you thought was king was just bought by someone else. If you want to stay on top of tech issues and trends affecting your company and the tech industry as a whole, you better pay close attention to

  • Web Design Unlimited

    Web Design Unlimited is a High Wycombe based web design provider set up by Ann Warne and trading under the current name since 2014. They firmly believe that getting your first online presence needn’t be stressful or complicated. Keep it simple is their motto and they offer web design solutions and supporting services to suit all budgets.

  • Testomato

    Testomato is an advanced monitoring service for online businesses, which checks your website functionality in real time and alerts you when something goes wrong. With Testomato, it’s easy to set up complex tests in seconds and protect your business from losing customers due to unexpected website problems.

  • Dronethusiast


    Dronethusiast is where drone enthusiasts can read reviews about the latest hobby drone releases. Which drone do I buy for my kids? How do I get a drone license? What is the best drone under $300? There is also some fantastic camera drone analysis by Dronethusiast, invaluable Tips & Tricks articles, and a ton of Pictures and Drone Videos that provide plenty of inspiration for your next or your first aerial photography experience.

  • Keptify

    Keptify is a remarketing solution which helps online stores recover lost sales (abandoned shopping carts) by tracking customers’ behavioral data. Learn how you can boost your online sales with our FREE comprehensive resources.

  • Digital Trends

    Digital Trends was founded in 2006 with a simple mission: to help readers easily understand how tech affects the way they live. They provides news and reviews covering everything from emerging technologies and cutting-edge scientific research to new products and concepts that defy categorization.They are your authoritative guide to the world around you. They love, live and breathe tech so that they can explain it to you simply and clearly.

  • Data Center Sales & Marketing Blog

    The Data Center Sales & Marketing Blog helps wholesale and colocation data center operators, as well as companies that sell to data center end users and data center operators, identify market opportunities for differentiation, competitive advantage, improved marketplace positioning, sales cycle acceleration, and revenue growth.
  • Hongkiat

    Hongkiat is an inspirational site that deals with technology and its latest solutions. Hongkiat offers tips and news on designing, development, and digitization from a wide range of services and products. They are covering useful tools, tutorials, tips and inspirational artworks and represent design weblog for designers, bloggers and tech users.

  • Might Gadget

    Mighty Gadget is a Technology and Gadget website dedicated to bringing you all the best technology and gadget news and reviews.

    If you have a product that thinks deserves a  good review please contact them and they will consider it. They try and keep their reviews impartial so please keep this in mind if requesting a review.

  • Techmeme

    Techmeme provides the essential tech news of the moment. It provides the top news and commentary for technology’s leaders. Techmeme is the foremost source for tracking these changes. By presenting a summary of the day’s essential reports and analysis on a single page, Techmeme has become the technology news site of record for people both within and beyond the industry.

  • ZDNet

    ZDNet reports on a variety of tech news. While they focus heavily on the usual suspects (Apple, Microsoft, Google), ZDNet also features product reviews, software downloads and tons of news and analysis on tech businesses and issues.ZDnet provides the latest news from the science industry and technology that will rejuvenate your ideas and knowledge. It is one among the top 10 technology sites that has a worldwide reach with a greater number of audience.

  • TechPatio 

    TechPatio is a combination of two things that Klaus really likes: Technology, such as tech gadgets, technologies, computers, Internet etc., and patio which is a place he enjoys relaxing – even sometimes with a piece of tech…

  • OWDT

    OWDT stands above the competition in offering the carefully coordinated talents of web designers, system engineers, graphic artists, and marketing executives. The resulting synergy allows them to create unusually complete Branding and Communication Packages for their clients. Their blog focuses on precision and transforming the complex world of technology into simple yet calibrated visual elegance complemented by state-of-the-art strategies and tools.


    (TechGYD) is a technology blog that mainly focuses on consumer technology. Started back in December 2012, the website is headquartered in New Delhi, India and maintained by Saurabh Saha and Alka Saha. Our aim is to provide readers with high quality, innovative and productive kinds of stuff in the field of Information Technology by which they can be benefited.

  • Mobilunity

    Mobilunity does not just offer hiring dedicated developers in Ukraine, they also share strategies, best practices, news, tools and useful recommendations about IT, contributions from business analysts and experts in different programming languages. This is the best place to find credible and insightful opinions in IT.


    Divante is a Software House from Europe, headquartered in Poland and employing about 150 people. Their core competencies are built around Magento, Pimcore and bespoke software projects (we love Symfony3, Node.js, Angular, React, Vue.js). Divante specializes in sophisticated integration projects trying to connect hardcore IT with good product design and UX.

  • Mondovo

    An all-in-one digital marketing platform for measuring & managing everything to do with SEO, Social Media & Analytics, Mondovo’s blog is one place you must go to for news, tips, updates, information, strategies, and anything and everything related to digital marketing.

  • MockingFish

    MockingFish is one of the most trustworthy platforms that can help you enhance the performance of your site by performing various tests. MockingFish offers A/B testing and Heatmap tools to track the performance of the site as well as the impact of changes made by you. Read their blog to improve your website performance.

  • Brighton SEO

    At Brighton SEO they are a small team of individuals with various backgrounds in IT and they have created a blog to tell you about what they are up to and what the rest of the world is up to in their sector.
  • Enginess Insights

    They help their clients realize the potential of digital technology. Enginess shape strategies for business processes and deliver solutions that enhance customer experience, improve efficiencies, generate new market opportunities, and redefine value creation for industries. Their purpose is to assist their clients in realizing the promise and potential of digital transformation for their enterprise.

  • DSquad

    The DSquad is an innovative, results-driven digital marketing agency that specializes in effective search engine optimization (SEO). Their commitment to clients is their honest, open and transparent process support, aiming to achieve all the search engine homepage ranking, no matter how client’s keyword needs, and through the use of various forms of social media, they make sure that your site is fast, streamlined and reputable in the eyes of the digital world.

  • Blog Virals

    Blog Virals is founded in 2016 as a result of simple observation. Their motive is to give people latest news regarding tutorial & some entertainment through viral blogging. Blog Virals provide best blogging tips & tricks. They want to teach everything regarding blogging, how to earn money online & much more things.

  • Beaconsoft Ltd.

    Beacon track website visitors from individual social posts. They discover which posts drive the most website traffic and sales, and learn how to replicate the success. Also, discover the effectiveness of each social post; learn what message performs best with clients audience and see the actions directly resulting from each.

  • Coupley Sutton

    Copley Sutton is a copywriter who believes that excellent content is the fuel that drives SEO and online reputation management. His skills involve SEO copywriting, user-friendly blogging, and website content that’ll keep users hooked and ready to buy.


    BizIHub  is a brainchild of McBrandonBusiness Consulting and it is short for Business Ideas Hub. It is a platform where people around the world can access information, tips, training and services in Digital Marketing. Individuals and corporate organizations can also promote their ideas, products and services; increase traffic to their digital domains and improve business turnover on BizIHub .

  • CactusSoft


    CactusSoft is a full-cycle software development company passionate about building enterprise solutions and mobile applications that work, make sense, and help people.  They have been delivering its services to customers across the USA and Europe. Their company’s development practices are based on agility, continuous integration and ongoing communication.

  • WPReviewsPro

    WPReviewsPro’s goal is to help companies find the best WordPress products for their online project. They spend countless hours researching, testing and using WordPress products in order to bring customers the best collection of WordPress resources. Whether you are looking for a theme, a plugin or a WordPress related service, you’ll find all of them reviewed here.

  • Helprace

    Helprace customers develop mobile apps, manufacture plastic goods, create audio solutions, issue national debit cards. They work in chemical, real estate, and blockchain industries.

  • Optimal Access

    Optimal Access makes curation easy! Powerful browser extensions let you curate, comment, tag and organize any link to articles, documents, social media conversations and save time looking for information.  You can then take your most valuable links and share them via a content library on your website.  Manage what your employees share and boost your inbound traffic.

  • Entelo

    Entelo applies intelligence to big data to help modern recruiters identify, qualify and engage talent. Today, nearly 700 customers of all sizes and industries trust Entelo to provide their talent acquisition teams with higher candidate engagement, actionable insights and increased productivity. The leader in recruiting automation, Entelo helps organizations like Cisco, Genentech, Lyft, Netflix, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Northrop Grumman and Target build their teams. To learn more about the Entelo recruiting automation platform, visit Find out about open roles at Entelo and subscribe to the Entelo Blog for insight and updates on the talent acquisition industry.

  • Dominion Systems

    Dominion Systems is a proprietary software company that offers affordable pricing, experienced staff, efficient solutions, and comprehensive support. Their industry-leading platform is user-friendly and allows you to effortlessly run all your payroll and HR processes. Their Products include Payroll, Time & Attendance, Benefits Administration, Applicant Tracking, ACA Reporting, Onboarding, and more.

  • SMA Marketing

    Their focus is helping others create meaningful connections using inbound marketing, SEO, personalization and web design. By helping them share their stories effectively, SMA Marketing makes sure they get heard by the right person, at the right time. Check out more quality info on their blog!

  • Green Genie SEO


    Green Genie SEO is a search engine marketing company who provides help to businesses who need online exposure. They operate on different places and offer SEO Related Services  to Toronto, Oshawa, Whitby and Durham Region. Feel free to contact them to see what they can do to help in client’s digital marketing efforts.

  • Bambrick Media


    Bambrick Media are a Direct Response, Digital Advertising Agency. They create digital advertising campaigns that make people money. If it doesn’t directly make their clients money, or it can’t be tracked, they don’t do it. Check more quality info on their blog.

  • Surrey SEO agency


    B2Bmetric specialize in driving top rankings that not only increase client’s traffic but customers through the door. Where some SEO agencies like to talk jargon without going into detail, they believe transparency is key. Their main activities are Market research, Tracking & Reporting, Technical SEO, On-Page SEO etc. Read more quality info on their blog.

  • eTekkers







    eTekkers takes care of best technology solutions and repairs. Denver’s tech finest, they guarantee the security of your data while servicing your device. Their professionals are third-party certified, background verified, highly valued professionals with pride in their service.




  • Digital Market Asia

    Digital Market Asia is a Singapore based media house that caters to the marketing community in the digital age. The company’s flagship news portal,, serves as a comprehensive source of news, views, and analyses for all avenues of digital media, marketing and advertising.

  • Empowering Online Marketing & Motivational Hub

    Empowering Online Marketing & Motivational Hub – a blog that empowers you to believe that everything is possible and gives you the resources you need to succeed in life and business. On this webssite you will find over 50 social media and digital marketing articles and a collection of ebooks and video coursesthat will help you upgrade your skills to promote your business or organisation successfully.

  • Bizz Beginnings

    Blog related to business, marketing, entrepreneurship, and technology.

  • Sotrender





    Sotrender is a tool that analyzes activities on four social channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. It’s a SaaS tool designed for social media professionals, brand owners, digital agencies. With Sotrender, you can analyze your own profiles, your audience, behaviors, and interactions with your brand’s communication. On top of that, you can learn about the communication strategy of your competitors. Sotrender provides automated, customized tips based on machine learning and our own database of thousands of social media profiles. Over the past seven years, Sotrender has gathered over 17 TB of data.

    For a bit more advanced users

    The Sotrender SaaS platform supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube insights. An intuitive panel pulls data from multiple profiles and channels. Get competitor data for successful benchmarking. Quickly find the most important metrics for your ongoing organic activity, then customize and download ready-to-send reports (.xls, .pdf, .pptx).
    We put our data into action. Every day we analyze over 340 GB of social media data as we perfect our algorithms. Our clients get data-driven tips directly in the tool – tips that tell them what needs to be fixed or improved or what’s working smoothly. Simple call-to-action comments help push clients in the right direction.
    Basic metrics can’t always answer your questions, so you need to go further. Our custom reports explore the entire database and possible API calls, giving you in-depth information. Who’s talking about your brand? What are your followers interested in besides your page? Are there any influencers in a selected group? The answers are in the data.
    Also, check out their case studies here.
  • Stable | Kernel









    Stable|kernel is product strategy, design and development consultancy in Atlanta, Georgia. We leverage our expertise in product positioning, mobile and web, backend services, emerging technologies and the Internet of Things to build award-winning software and position our clients as innovative leaders. The stable|kernel blog sends out weekly, fresh insights into innovative technology and mobile developer and UX/UI best practices.
  • ClickUp






    ClickUp is a top productivity platform that is a fundamentally new way to work. The platform’s core focus is in removing frustrations, inefficiencies, and disconnect caused by existing project management solutions. Manage your reminders, notifications, calendars, and tasks in personal and work life – all in one place! Choose the features you want to use and customize ClickUp the way you want. Save more time in the day by combining the tools you use on an everyday basis into an intuitively powerful project management platform.

  • Virtual Project Consulting







    Virtual Project Consulting provides practical advice on project management processes, templates and training as well as Project & Portfolio Management Software to support Project Offices. You will find a hub of project management resources for existing and new project managers who want to transform themselves into confident and competent managers.

  • Selz

    Our mission is to make it incredibly simple for you create and run a professional online business. Selz requires no programming skills, we handle all aspects of selling and getting paid and it only takes moments to setup. We’re constantly adding new features to help entrepreneurs like you realise your potential.


  • ReadITQuik














    Founded in 2016, ReadITQuik educates you about the high-impact areas of tech that will influence the business outcomes of today and tomorrow. RIQ tells you everything right from who acquired whom to the latest technologies that are being used by business leaders. The digital magazine offers cutting-edge business technology-related news, trends, and opinions. ReadITQuik offers a platform for IT leaders and decision-makers to stay connected to the business impact of technology by covering the latest perspectives, news, big ideas and in-depth insights on subjects that matter to enterprises.

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