Ugochi said:
Happy new year Candice! Teshuva community is back on, please visit and let's get the conversations going! Thanks
565 days ago
Richard said:
Happy Thanksgiving!
614 days ago
How do you budget?
Groan me to...but my goal is to break the financial bondage that holds my family!
703 days ago
Marisa said:
Thanks for following My Year Long Journey! Marisa @
703 days ago
How do you budget?
Right now I am looking into upgrading my old budget system to a computer program. (Yup joining the
704 days ago
Veggie Chips
Yup all the time with potatoes...(love them) Going to try an apple one some day soon...really soon!
704 days ago
My site has been attacked with a nasty virus.
awe...that was my twitter account this week. I spent a lot of time fixing it. Changed passwords, at
704 days ago
Finding Playmates
Mine has been my friends. Honestly, its amazing how friends of ours live close and our kids are BFF
704 days ago
I'm A Newcomer
Hello! I am Candice and mine is a christian inspirational blog and I probably miss spelled that! A
704 days ago
Reno's do you love them or cringe at the thought?
Now that you point it out I never thought of Reno I guess that's because that city isn't on my rada
714 days ago
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