How was Easter?
If you have any Easter posts, then share your links in the comments of this post. I would love to
485 days ago
Random Praise!
I am thankful for this day! I glad I had the opportunity to work with some amazing girls to support
508 days ago
Add any link with St. Patrick theme you have been working on this month.
Add any link with St. Patrick's Day you have been working on this month. I would love to see
508 days ago
What you blog about? link you blog here!
I am a lifestyle blog, so I like to blog about anything and everything to do with life! http://pou
508 days ago
Have you ever taken your kids to the Circus?
Yes I have taken all three kids to the circus. It is fun and entertaining. If you can go early som
508 days ago
Sorry for Our Lack in Posting
That is a big challenge to get the kids out of the house. Requires a lot of creativity! But then y
508 days ago
New Link-Up Is Open! Join in & Blog-Hop
Do you still have this going on?
508 days ago
Do you watch the oscar for the fashion or to see who won?
I love both! I like the glitz and glam of all the actresses coming in. Plus it give me an idea of mo
520 days ago
Did you get anything from your sweetie?
Did you get anything from your sweetie on Valentines day? I'll show you what I got in a few days.
529 days ago
What is your favorite Chocolate dessert?
Oh that is good! 
533 days ago
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