The Last Ornament
  Hanging this star is the last ornament to go on the tree. As usual I’ve done the whole
600 days ago
Where’s My Coffee!
(A One Day Challenge) I am not much of a coffee drinker (but – don’t let me run out of D
689 days ago
Old Cars and Dogs
I’ve had a recurring dream for a while now that I somehow gather up every car I’ve ever
760 days ago
That Nice Lady
  “I was just talking to that nice lady” My family used to get tickled at my grandmother when s
761 days ago
True Reach measures our web presence in many different categories and on several different scales.  O
762 days ago
No Peeking
    I’ve had it all wrong this whole time. I misunderstood the “tree falling in the woods”
763 days ago
Not the Only One
  I just dropped my son off to summer camp, his fourth year now.  I’ve been going to this
772 days ago
Oceanic Treasure: Free for the Taking
Think of it as artistic gold.  Mile after fish choking mile, debris from God knows where travels acr
805 days ago
Into the Blu
  Source: via Karen on Pinterest      It’s a social network!  It’
806 days ago
Comment on Peace is Flowing from the Conestoga River! by Claire
People need to hear what you’re sharing! Thanks for the informative blog. It was very inspiring.
808 days ago
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