Charmaine said:
Hi Carrie, thanks for the follow! I am following you and checking out your blog. I invite you to check out my little chefs at and to become a fan on facebook, and of course share with your child(ren).
1325 days ago
Hi Carrie Nice to meet you. Have you seen the Sharing is Caring Blogging event on the Almost There Community? It's a chance for everyone to post against one of the listed topics and share their writing. Have a look if you get the time and join in if you want to. SJ
1332 days ago
New Community!! Say Hi & List your Blog!
Hi I'm Carrie , my blog is: I blog a little of
1334 days ago
Tracy said:
Thanks for Following Carrie - My blog is all about saving $$...I hope you find some deals you like!
1336 days ago
Let's keep it simple
  With the Holiday season upon us, I thought today I would share a couple of extremely e
1337 days ago
I'm new here!
I would love to help ... but I'm new as well.  I'm just bouncing around clicking on t
1352 days ago
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