Full of His presence
I have been visiting my grands who live almost 2000 miles away. Truly, it has been a blessing being
660 days ago
Empty-nest syndrome: the time of our lives?
When the last child leaves home, it has a profound effect on the family unit – more so for women tha
666 days ago
Welcome to our nook: A community embracing empty nesters
Welcome to our community’s nook, (in)couragers: Last Chick Out. Situated alongside (in)courage
667 days ago
As far as the east is to the west: overcoming community hurts
In recent posts I’ve  been talking a lot about community. Hold on, because, there are more to
677 days ago
From helpless to helpful; what community can do
For many years an internal struggle has raged inside my mind until it finally made its way to my hea
684 days ago
Celebrate the dead; remember the living
Last week my husband and I set around the bedside of a beautiful Christian warrior with her family,
685 days ago
Dreams come true, sometimes
I do believe I will visit Paris, France one day. During prayer and devotion time this morning,  a sm
692 days ago
Then and now
The faint sound of  a train whistle fills the air as I write this post. A sound that reminds me of c
775 days ago
What is the Word of God
WHAT IS THE WORD OF GOD The most popular, yet most controversial book ever published: The Holy Bible
932 days ago
‘Lord, teach us to pray’
HOW TO PRAY Jesus’ disciples realized the importance of prayer. They understood knowing how to
945 days ago
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