Spring Flings
What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate Spring with a garden party?
841 days ago
ruzanne said:
Hey Debra! Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it - esp. being different from among plenty that's asking me about what I do, viability of a VA career, content writing and all. So hearing those words from you - like a jazz performance while I'm drinking tea on a rainy Friday evening. Truly a relief - and a delight! Do share in what you can, Debra. Let's make the community of online moms alive n' kickin! God bless and have a happy weekend.
1092 days ago
Favorite Smells
I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee. A baby's hair, freshly cut grass, fresh flowers and
1108 days ago
Do you monitor your child's viewing activity? How so?
This is a topic that has come to the forefront of my world lately. Spending time with family and f
1108 days ago
Do you have a specific time set aside for dedication and meditation with God and His Word?
Do you find it hard to set a schedule for delving into God's Word? I do. I try to do this firs
1108 days ago
HI there!
I am so glad to find you on BlogFrog. I, too, am glad to have a pentecostal group to link up to. G
1108 days ago
Brandy said:
I enjoy your blog, I can't seem to find the "follow" button though. (I'm fairly new to this, so i apologize). I did leave a comment on your most recent post. Thank you for such a thoughtful blog!
1109 days ago
Do you monitor your child's viewing activity? How so?
What are your techniques for monitoring both, time and content of television, movies and games fo
1109 days ago
Are we being hurtful Christians?
All to often the scenario you describe is true. As many have pointed out, even among the Christian
1127 days ago
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