GreensLove – Kale Chips, Roasted Garlic, Parmesan Swirl Egg Bread
All week I had an idea of what I wanted to make for GreensLove Blog Hop, but needed a recipe still. 
872 days ago
Homemade New York Style Bagels + EatSmart Scale Review
Bagels, Bagels, Bagels!!!!  OR Better yet, New York Style Bagels!!!! Since I started my blog, I have
877 days ago
The Happy Puffy Taco
What is a puffy taco?  That is a question that has been on my mind for like two years.  My dear frie
881 days ago
Lemon Curd & Honey Ice Cream With Gingersnap Cookie Crumble
First things first, the cute little 1/2 pint ice cream maker I found…..WELLLLLL it really didn
886 days ago
Raisin Bran Lemon Bread
There is a trend here in the CafeTerraBlog kitchen, this recipe took me two tries….BUT I ended
889 days ago
Take 2 – Homemade Lemon Curd
First, I wanted to share some news with you.  Google has made many changes, some of the changes will
894 days ago
ChocolateLove – Cherry Cordial Brownies
There are recipes you come across, that make you run to the kitchen and immediately start baking.  T
899 days ago
Blue Cheese Blitz Dip
How about short and sweet today?  I know everyone is sooooo ready for Super Bowl to be here, and let
900 days ago
Cover 2 Sliders
Did you know that Super Bowl is the second largest food day in the US after Thanksgiving?  The snack
902 days ago
Yoplait Lactose Free Yogurt Review + A Couple Smoothie Recipes!
Coffee is definitely the perfect way to start any day….WELL if you are a coffee addict like me
905 days ago
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