Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent Challenge
COFFEE!!!! My husband needs a bib. Not only does is there a trail of coffee with "creme brulee" cre
791 days ago
The Ideal Family: Two Girls??
Really, TWO girls?  I dont get it.
1020 days ago
1055 days ago
Arieshu said:
I look forward to networking with you. Please, feel free to visit my own profile: My business websites: Have a Blessed Day. Károly
1073 days ago
Google+ My Two cents and an invite
All the talk is well worth it.  I like Google+ but I think it is an end to EVERYONES privacy
1102 days ago
What are your top five annoying hubby habits?
here are mine! Toilet seat down but no toilet paper cause it's STILL sitting in the h
1121 days ago
Kat said:
I was worried about becoming a mom at this age. I figured out early on to keep the Sea Bands on my wrist to stop the nausea and I used sour patch kids (yes, really) when I did get an upset stomach. The sourness seemed to have stopped the nausea. My pregancy was pretty much unremarkable and enjoyable. If I were a little bit younger I would do it all over again. Good luck to you.
1128 days ago
Arieshu said:
Szép Napot kívánok! Köszönöm, hogy lehetoséget ad az együttmuködésre. "Híd a Világ, menjetek át rajta, de rá ne telepedjetek."
1135 days ago
Cynthia said:
I love World Islands! It's a great inspirational blog. Blessings!
1135 days ago
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1135 days ago
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