Foyer Help
I'm so excited that our foyer is pretty much complete, but I do need some suggestions about a
1366 days ago
I'd love to have some good decorating disussions on here!
We just got a mirror hung in our foyer, which completes a project I started over a year ago (yikes
1366 days ago
New Reads
Just started reading The Summer Kitchen by Karen Weinreb
1372 days ago
Teen Mom
Yes Amber is an attention seeker for sure. And what about Gary? He called his friend and said &quo
1373 days ago
Teen Mom
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show! It is like a guilty pleasure, but it's soooo intriguing!
1373 days ago
My Seven Links
Check out My Seven Links!
1375 days ago
Starbucks Via
I tried Starbuck's instant coffee this morning, and was pleasantly surprised. Have you tried
1376 days ago
Link Your 1st Blog Post
1376 days ago
Come introduce yourself and post your blog.
Hi, I'm Amanda at 24 Maple Lane. I've been blogging since February and am still a wor
1378 days ago
Woo Us to Your Blog for the weekend!!!
I just posted a quick and easy salad recipe on my blog!
1383 days ago
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