Bedroom Theme for a baby girl
Hi all! I just found out that I am pregnant with our first baby girl! I have two boys already...a
1039 days ago
What's the one thing you always procrasinate?
Cleaning my house! I used to be a clean freak before I had children...but now having to clean up a
1039 days ago
What Food Would You Never Eat Unless You Were Paid A MILLION DOLLARS To Eat It?
Ewe, frog legs! No matter what, those would gross me out, but I would do it for a million!
1039 days ago
Stacie said:
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1210 days ago
Tonja said:
Just wanted to share an exciting opportunity with you.... come check it out..would love to have you on my team..
1236 days ago
Hi Kari, Thanks for the follow back
1260 days ago
Follow Follow YOU!
1260 days ago
How did you meet your spouse?
We met through a mutual friend that was trying to set me up on a date with my husband's best f
1260 days ago
The Honeymoon: Dream or Nightmare?
Our honeymoon was HELL. Memorable though, won't ever forget it! We had moments of bliss, but t
1260 days ago
Need boyfriend help. PLEASE give me your opinion
Honestly, I've been through something similar and then some. Definitely agree with all that ha
1260 days ago
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