What to post?
everything and anything can be a post's all in how you tell the story via words or photo
1365 days ago
Board Games
I have to admit ...I LOVE BOARD GAMES! ...we do game night often ...but now they include video gam
1365 days ago
What do you do with all your Halloween candy?
maybe you could sneak a few pieces from it each day and throw it away little by little
1366 days ago
Do you stock up for the next holiday season?
I don't really stock up  ...but if I see something I like I snatch it! ...but then get re
1366 days ago
Going to the Dogs
Buy a ton of {non toxic} carpet spot cleaner! ...but it's better if you just have wood
1366 days ago
Holidays- your family, your spouse's or your own
I love doing the holidays ...but haven't been able to for the last 6 years due to living in a
1367 days ago
like Jim, I don't think I've read an entire book since I started blogging ...sad but true.
1368 days ago
the word "Diet" should not even be in your vocabulary ...they are like gambling, meant t
1368 days ago
Music to my Ears
I was hugely influenced by music growing up.  I come from a musical family that encouraged t
1368 days ago
are YOU dressing up?
the husband wanted to be Iron Man ...or Tony Stark rather I am going as ScarJo's charact
1371 days ago
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